Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living Vicariously Through Myself

The Journey is Coming!

So here I am at my favorite coffee shop hangout with a view of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado preparing for my epic spiritual quest into the synchronistic unknown. Here I sit with my lap top, and my Droid phone and all the other little Aquarian Age techno devices attempting to simplify life by reducing my worldly possessions down to what I can carry on my back to experience the freedom of unrestricted mobility and location independence.

Just finished recording the Cosmic Weather podcast with my cohost Eric over Skype. He's living in North Carolina now, just moved from Colorado. We were going to trade locations but I fell in love with the idea of a traveling lifestyle. The big event today is the Full Moon in Scorpio wrapped in the Mercury Retrograde vibe on the heels of the Uranus-Saturn counterculture opposition. Pretty wild times reflected in the heavens this year is!

Time = Wealth

The main realization over this last two weeks since starting this new blog is the idea of Time being equal to Wealth. I mean, we pretty much trade our time on earth to go fulfill the duties of a job so we can make money (currency) to survive and thrive. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you're engaged in doing work that you love! The problem lies in the fact that most people aren't. People take jobs just to "make ends meet" or to "get by". What are those mysterious ends that never seem to meet and where are we going to in our collective getting by?

Many have emailed me saying they appreciate the new blog, and I too appreciate the support as I dare the unknown. Today I watched as my first ebay auction wrap up for $311.01 The set of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures was supposed to be worth at least $500, but oh well. I can taste the freedom of the open road. I can't wait to put everything else on ebay now.

I spent seven years collecting 19 complete sets of fantasy miniatures for gaming and now I'm liquidating my collection to fund my real life adventures. See, there I go trading Time spent collecting figurines for Wealth again.

People have said that they will live vicariously through me on this quest, and I welcome them to do so, because I think I will be living vicariously through myself as well. You know, the me that's not really me, just an extension of me. This online me who is a fractal of the real me drinking this chai. The twittering, facebooking, ebaying, Kelly Lee Phipps, which is my online persona. I guess they call it an avatar these days. Some days I feel like an avatar, at least a Promethean fire-stealer. So I too will live vicariously through my avatar even as I have amazing adventures in the real world. I looked up Vicarious, from the Latin vicus: to change, alternation, stead. Experienced or realized through imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experience of another. Performed or suffered by one person as a substitute for or benefit of another. So I hope my performance/suffering benefits you as much as it will my visionary higher self watching all this unfold!

I went rock climbing to the temple of Kronos yesterday with my son and we had a blast in real time. But on any given day, I can have an equal blast in both reality and virtuality. Making money seems to be the primary pre-occupation on everyone's mind, but I want to live for less. I want a discount on life. I think it's fascinating that they keep charging you after you die. Somebody has to pay for that coffin or cremation. We come in here naked and with no possessions and we leave it all behind. And the only thing we really take is our experience, our memories, the delights and tragedies inscribed in our souls. You gotta love it. That's the stuff that seems important to me, although I can respect those green pieces of paper in circulation about the 3rd planet from the sun that help facilitate trade. I certainly would not want someone trying to trade me three chickens, a loaf of bread, and a dozen eggs for an astrological reading. And having a Pay Pal debit card makes it even easier! Money comes through cyberspace, and then I go to work poetically rendering people's astrological birth visions into inspiring life-changing oracular words. I think we all should get paid for the gifts we have and love! Joy to the world and all the fishes in the deep green sea!

Life, the Universe, and Everything...

What is a life but a promise or potential of a life span full of experiences (hopefully ecstatic ones, but laced with darkness to deepen us.) No one needs to have to watch their child die in their arms, or witness great suffering of any kind, but as long as we keep incarnating into fluid form bodies in a sharp edged hard world, it's gonna keep happening. It's how we work with what happens to us that determines our destiny. Tragedy can make one very strong and it can break one as well.

In thinking about releasing my possessions (or at least selling some to fund my travels) I had a glorious idea this morning after dropping my kid off for school. There's always these homeless people on the corners with signs saying that "Anything Helps!" SO I imagined myself going to get a load out of my storage locker and pulling up and unloading it beside them. I wonder if they would be insanely happy or just overwhelmed? We'll see?

I've been re-designing my core website but I'm not going to launch it until well after Mercury has gone direct. I will say that it's very Zen and focused. It's like the site is designing itself. I guess it does have divine inspiration in its title!

I've decided to include my mountain bike that I bought in 1992 and named Astronimonium (Astron for short) in my possessions as I head through the gate of living a "normal" life where you get up, go to work and pay bills. I want to ride it north after Arian flies home to spend the summer with his mom, north as in all the way to British Columbia Canada where I intend to meet this enigmatic astrologer known as Alisha and her daughter Ammalia. I plan on staying there for a time (always cognizant of the locational independence vow of the magi I've taken) and then heading over to Vancouver and then down the pacific coast through Washington, Oregon, and California where I will hook up with lots of cool astrology friends in San Fran before heading over to Maui/Hawaii.

The Adventure Will Grow!

When I go north out of Boulder I will meet my mom in Loveland, Colorado and my brother Jason, where I intend to share a last supper with them before embarking on this inner quest. I might stop in Fort Collins to say goodbye to Melissa, my special acupuncture friend too. But then it's on to Wyoming. I've never fantasized about riding my mountain bike through Wyoming. Don't tell the cowboys about my episode on Wife Swap! I intend to camp under the stars and go up through the Grand Tetons area and see Yellowstone. Might have to camp near Old Faithful, where my dad took us camping as kids.

Then it's on to the wilds of Montana where there are actually people who listen to my podcast! I can't wait to visit them. I have student of astrology there too named Kristine. Thanks for hosting me Kristine as I speed through your neck of the woods! Then its onto northern Idaho and finally this place called Nelson BC. I wonder if I'll have a problem entering Canada on a bicycle? I'll have my renewed passport and all. Does a body have to enter within a vehicular vessel to legally enter a country? We'll see. I intend to ride right up to the gate and show em my new passport. I hope they like the picture! I'll be sending pics via mobile upload to my facebook account!

The Power of the Feminine in its Grace

One of the most humbling and heart melting experiences is when you encounter a beautiful woman who has discovered the full power of her beauty, but who chooses to act from her innocence. I hope Alisha is one of those. She Skyped me from a library the other day and she couldn't talk loud so she walked her lap top back deep into the stacks of books. It was the ultimate Gemini Moon nerdy fantasy, a beautiful dancer woman leading you into a maze of books. When she set her lap top down to talk to me quietly I could see the title of one of the books across the aisle. It was "Miles to Go" 1200 miles in my case by bike up hill. I should be in top shape by the time I arrive! I'm glad the coldest season is fading. Should be an adventure. Alisha said she'd always fantasized about riding a bike or walking from Arizona up to Canada. I'll let her know how it goes!

I guess when I make it to San Fran later on I'll just lock my bike up at a bike rack near the university. Maybe I'll ride it down to Stanford and just pretend I'm a student and lock it up, then head to the airport in San Jose to fly to Maui. Turns out my friend in Maui is in transition like everybody during this tumultuously interesting time. I can only stay with her for five days. She does have this good friend that said I could stay for a month with her as long as I teach her astrology. I would love to do that. That's what I'm all about! See what happens when you take a step toward your dreams? Life presents courageous opportunities!

Can't wait to wake up under the stars in Maui on the beach or up in Haiku. Can't wait to see all the faces of the beautiful people representing the slice of humanity I am destined to encounter on my journey. Even the cowboys from Wyoming! Thank you Universe, and Eternal Being, for this opportunity and this courage to follow my dream of being a traveling magi! Now back to ebay to sell some more stuff from my old life!


  1. Ty Kelly! It's so nice to read you. I am enjoying how wonderful the internet is & how a person can use it for many things, yet without losing that one on one quality feeling...intimacy. Like, I feel like I know you and you are speaking to me personally....keep on!
    I will be launching some of my writings on astrology and to align oneself with potential positive energy with textures, colors, etc...
    So for your journey, don't forget to pack a turquoise shirt and show your true colors :)

  2. That sounds really cool Surfette (Fashion and Astrology)! I'm glad my words and thoughts touch your spirit. Feels good to be gotten. I will keep on! Okay, I will hunt me down a turquoise shirt...what does it signify?

  3. Love reading this...

    It speaks to me as I slave away to "make ends meet"

    I have always wanted to just give everyt

  4. ...give everything up and live off the land and adventure. I think the Cancer in me will always be too chicken...

  5. @Kelly Turquoise and/or electric blue are thee aquarian colors!! Uranus loves these. They illuminate and vibrate forsight and freethinking. I picture a night sky lit up by lightning flashes.
    A white shirt will be handy for protection while traveling less free thinking areas . though white is not officially classified as any signs color (yet), I feel it is a Cancerian color..white shells come to mind.
    Traditionally, purple and dark blue are Sag colors, you can wear these to tune into great traveling adventure luck! And with so many planets in Sag, no doubt you can pull together a dashing something to wear at any time...even out of a backpack!

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