Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living Vicariously Through Myself

The Journey is Coming!

So here I am at my favorite coffee shop hangout with a view of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado preparing for my epic spiritual quest into the synchronistic unknown. Here I sit with my lap top, and my Droid phone and all the other little Aquarian Age techno devices attempting to simplify life by reducing my worldly possessions down to what I can carry on my back to experience the freedom of unrestricted mobility and location independence.

Just finished recording the Cosmic Weather podcast with my cohost Eric over Skype. He's living in North Carolina now, just moved from Colorado. We were going to trade locations but I fell in love with the idea of a traveling lifestyle. The big event today is the Full Moon in Scorpio wrapped in the Mercury Retrograde vibe on the heels of the Uranus-Saturn counterculture opposition. Pretty wild times reflected in the heavens this year is!

Time = Wealth

The main realization over this last two weeks since starting this new blog is the idea of Time being equal to Wealth. I mean, we pretty much trade our time on earth to go fulfill the duties of a job so we can make money (currency) to survive and thrive. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you're engaged in doing work that you love! The problem lies in the fact that most people aren't. People take jobs just to "make ends meet" or to "get by". What are those mysterious ends that never seem to meet and where are we going to in our collective getting by?

Many have emailed me saying they appreciate the new blog, and I too appreciate the support as I dare the unknown. Today I watched as my first ebay auction wrap up for $311.01 The set of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures was supposed to be worth at least $500, but oh well. I can taste the freedom of the open road. I can't wait to put everything else on ebay now.

I spent seven years collecting 19 complete sets of fantasy miniatures for gaming and now I'm liquidating my collection to fund my real life adventures. See, there I go trading Time spent collecting figurines for Wealth again.

People have said that they will live vicariously through me on this quest, and I welcome them to do so, because I think I will be living vicariously through myself as well. You know, the me that's not really me, just an extension of me. This online me who is a fractal of the real me drinking this chai. The twittering, facebooking, ebaying, Kelly Lee Phipps, which is my online persona. I guess they call it an avatar these days. Some days I feel like an avatar, at least a Promethean fire-stealer. So I too will live vicariously through my avatar even as I have amazing adventures in the real world. I looked up Vicarious, from the Latin vicus: to change, alternation, stead. Experienced or realized through imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experience of another. Performed or suffered by one person as a substitute for or benefit of another. So I hope my performance/suffering benefits you as much as it will my visionary higher self watching all this unfold!

I went rock climbing to the temple of Kronos yesterday with my son and we had a blast in real time. But on any given day, I can have an equal blast in both reality and virtuality. Making money seems to be the primary pre-occupation on everyone's mind, but I want to live for less. I want a discount on life. I think it's fascinating that they keep charging you after you die. Somebody has to pay for that coffin or cremation. We come in here naked and with no possessions and we leave it all behind. And the only thing we really take is our experience, our memories, the delights and tragedies inscribed in our souls. You gotta love it. That's the stuff that seems important to me, although I can respect those green pieces of paper in circulation about the 3rd planet from the sun that help facilitate trade. I certainly would not want someone trying to trade me three chickens, a loaf of bread, and a dozen eggs for an astrological reading. And having a Pay Pal debit card makes it even easier! Money comes through cyberspace, and then I go to work poetically rendering people's astrological birth visions into inspiring life-changing oracular words. I think we all should get paid for the gifts we have and love! Joy to the world and all the fishes in the deep green sea!

Life, the Universe, and Everything...

What is a life but a promise or potential of a life span full of experiences (hopefully ecstatic ones, but laced with darkness to deepen us.) No one needs to have to watch their child die in their arms, or witness great suffering of any kind, but as long as we keep incarnating into fluid form bodies in a sharp edged hard world, it's gonna keep happening. It's how we work with what happens to us that determines our destiny. Tragedy can make one very strong and it can break one as well.

In thinking about releasing my possessions (or at least selling some to fund my travels) I had a glorious idea this morning after dropping my kid off for school. There's always these homeless people on the corners with signs saying that "Anything Helps!" SO I imagined myself going to get a load out of my storage locker and pulling up and unloading it beside them. I wonder if they would be insanely happy or just overwhelmed? We'll see?

I've been re-designing my core website but I'm not going to launch it until well after Mercury has gone direct. I will say that it's very Zen and focused. It's like the site is designing itself. I guess it does have divine inspiration in its title!

I've decided to include my mountain bike that I bought in 1992 and named Astronimonium (Astron for short) in my possessions as I head through the gate of living a "normal" life where you get up, go to work and pay bills. I want to ride it north after Arian flies home to spend the summer with his mom, north as in all the way to British Columbia Canada where I intend to meet this enigmatic astrologer known as Alisha and her daughter Ammalia. I plan on staying there for a time (always cognizant of the locational independence vow of the magi I've taken) and then heading over to Vancouver and then down the pacific coast through Washington, Oregon, and California where I will hook up with lots of cool astrology friends in San Fran before heading over to Maui/Hawaii.

The Adventure Will Grow!

When I go north out of Boulder I will meet my mom in Loveland, Colorado and my brother Jason, where I intend to share a last supper with them before embarking on this inner quest. I might stop in Fort Collins to say goodbye to Melissa, my special acupuncture friend too. But then it's on to Wyoming. I've never fantasized about riding my mountain bike through Wyoming. Don't tell the cowboys about my episode on Wife Swap! I intend to camp under the stars and go up through the Grand Tetons area and see Yellowstone. Might have to camp near Old Faithful, where my dad took us camping as kids.

Then it's on to the wilds of Montana where there are actually people who listen to my podcast! I can't wait to visit them. I have student of astrology there too named Kristine. Thanks for hosting me Kristine as I speed through your neck of the woods! Then its onto northern Idaho and finally this place called Nelson BC. I wonder if I'll have a problem entering Canada on a bicycle? I'll have my renewed passport and all. Does a body have to enter within a vehicular vessel to legally enter a country? We'll see. I intend to ride right up to the gate and show em my new passport. I hope they like the picture! I'll be sending pics via mobile upload to my facebook account!

The Power of the Feminine in its Grace

One of the most humbling and heart melting experiences is when you encounter a beautiful woman who has discovered the full power of her beauty, but who chooses to act from her innocence. I hope Alisha is one of those. She Skyped me from a library the other day and she couldn't talk loud so she walked her lap top back deep into the stacks of books. It was the ultimate Gemini Moon nerdy fantasy, a beautiful dancer woman leading you into a maze of books. When she set her lap top down to talk to me quietly I could see the title of one of the books across the aisle. It was "Miles to Go" 1200 miles in my case by bike up hill. I should be in top shape by the time I arrive! I'm glad the coldest season is fading. Should be an adventure. Alisha said she'd always fantasized about riding a bike or walking from Arizona up to Canada. I'll let her know how it goes!

I guess when I make it to San Fran later on I'll just lock my bike up at a bike rack near the university. Maybe I'll ride it down to Stanford and just pretend I'm a student and lock it up, then head to the airport in San Jose to fly to Maui. Turns out my friend in Maui is in transition like everybody during this tumultuously interesting time. I can only stay with her for five days. She does have this good friend that said I could stay for a month with her as long as I teach her astrology. I would love to do that. That's what I'm all about! See what happens when you take a step toward your dreams? Life presents courageous opportunities!

Can't wait to wake up under the stars in Maui on the beach or up in Haiku. Can't wait to see all the faces of the beautiful people representing the slice of humanity I am destined to encounter on my journey. Even the cowboys from Wyoming! Thank you Universe, and Eternal Being, for this opportunity and this courage to follow my dream of being a traveling magi! Now back to ebay to sell some more stuff from my old life!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Art of Surrender

Surrender: Melting to the Highest

This week I'm confronted with a mountain to scale, the peak of letting go of everything that has brought me comfort and pleasure except for what I can carry on my back. I'm not leaving until June to embrace the traveling lifestyle of a wandering magi, helping others I encounter through the amazing gift of astrology, but my ex-wife is coming to Boulder on May 8th to pick up my Pathfinder so we can sell it to further move toward being debt free. I won't be needing a vehicle where I'm hoping to go.

"Surr" means the highest and "render" means to melt, so melting to the surf, aligning your will with the divine will. It's a strange place to be at between lives. I've always worked for myself as a professional astrologer, and I've even managed to make most of my money online through doing people's charts, selling visionary products, and traveling/lecturing. But now I've embraced a life of Location Independence. I will flow with the winds of change and move to wherever I'm inspired to go. Which means letting go of a 10 by 10 storage locker full of stuff. George Carland would be proud!

Realizing Minimalism

The idea of having all my stuff on my back is extremely appealing. When I was 12 I dreamed of traveling the world as a nomadic gypsy having adventures and amazing experiences. I even pretended to be a famous Portuguese explorer with a ship, and one day I set sail from Portugal to explore the world. I closed my eyes and spun the globe and put my finger down on a random location that I had to go to for my next adventure. Each week I would write in my journal about adventures I would have with my crew on the way to that location. When we reached the location, I would go to an encyclopedia and read all about the place's history and let my imagination percolate what I'd absorbed. Then I would write fantastic journal entries about interacting with the culture and the adventures had.

I realized today that this journey I'm about to set sail upon is the adult version of that childhood dream. And that this blog is my journal where not only will I be recording my adventures, but I'll get to share them with you! I'll get to interact with you through the miracle of the Internet too!

So yesterday I began redesigning my astrology website to streamline everything. I won't be sending people their charts anymore with printouts and a disc and symbolism sheets. I'm automating everything so I can send it all be email. You'll still get the most amazing, inspiring chart interpretation I can give, but now you'll receive it as an mp3 download which you can right click and save to your desktop and then send to your i=pod via itunes! How cool is that? I just downloaded an app on my Droid phone that allows me to record audio right from my phone and then upload it!

The World it's a Changin'

We always hear people talk about the world and how it's changing so fast. I think as this last pass of Uranus oppose Saturn comes into focus this month (APR 28th) and then a final pass in June, the new world is being born! It's not some distant future thing like the end of the Mayan Calendar or the Second Coming of Christ, it's happening right now all around us. It's about the blend between Aquarian Age freedom and technology with Piscean Age visionary imagination and spirituality. And it is so exciting!

Scaling that Mountain of Stuff

Meanwhile my bookshelves, and books, and boxes full of kitchen stuff, and software, and cds, and dvds, and x-box games, and all of it is driving me nuts. Part of me wants to just head down the road and refuse to pay my storage fee bill so they can just profit from selling it all so I don't have to deal with it. The ultimate escapist fantasy. But part of me knows my soul deserves to go through my old life and let go peacefully in a therapeutic way. I better get started fast because soon I won't even have a vehicle to make a trip down to the storage locker. I know I'd rather leave with no possessions left behind. But so much stuff to sell. I've made a few auctions on Ebay and they seem to be going well, selling my collection of Dungeons and Dragons miniature figures. Within the hobby we call it plastic crack.

I'm happy to let go of it all if it means I get to substitute imagining adventures on a game map with having adventures on a real world map. I imagine all the non-player characters in a fantasy world that make up all the tavern keepers, and servants, and craftsfolk, and farmers, etc and I have deep respect for them. Without the trappings of civilization travel would not be as fun! You go to India to meet Indian people and experience Indian culture. I guess I'm feeling different about this because my adventure will be highly inward. My adventure is not just an external quest of outer experiences. My adventure is an inner quest of consciousness.

While I'll have an exciting time meeting new people out here in the real world, my rich inner life of writing and interacting with people through the Internet will be just as exciting and full of wonder. I'm in the process of taking all of my inspiring designs, everything from game designs to astrology book ideas, and putting it all into digital format so I can access it on the journey. Thank eternal being for a flash drive!

In role-playing games, there is a magical item called a bag of holding, which is a small bag that has an extra-dimensional space in it for holding lots of adventure equipment and treasure. Encumbrance can be a bitch! I learned this first hand when I set off on my first traveling magi journey after dropping out of college when I realized they had nothing else to teach me. I had a 4.0 my last semester with a focus on Physics, Japanese, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. After two days on the Colorado Trail, my wife (Arian's mom Tracey) and I sent a whole box full of stuff back home to my parents for safe keeping. We wouldn't be needing that extra journal after all...

So this little Flash Drive is my modern realistic equivalent of a fantastical bag of holdings, as the i-pad will be my library of holdings, and my lap top will be my design studio of holdings, etc. This morning I took a deep breath an put my new travel backpack on my back just to feel the freedom of having just it's weight on my shoulders and envisioned the open road stretching out before me. Then I opened my eyes and saw all my bins full of stuff that I still need to sell, and before May 8th!

The stress of that is good because it creates a sense of urgency. Nothing like Parkinson's law to kick your behind into gear! "A project tends to expand with time allocated to it." Having lots to do in less time creates urgency so we get more done! That's the focus this next two weeks!

I've got an astrology book to write, a film to make, several websites to design, a ton of selling to do in order to be ready to embrace this journey of a lifetime!

Today I got my first donation from a new reader of this blog. Thank you sincerely Lane, the wise rock lord geologist of the Land of Enchantment. You don't know how much it means to me that someone supports this spiritual quest. It gives me the strength to break free of the materialistic shackles of the society we've created.

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sphere of Consciousness

7 Dimensions of Consciousness

Within the domain of consciousness that we move and have our being in, there are seven centers of energy that interact to form the layers of our existence. In astrology, we know and symbolize these layers through the seven traditional planets: Sun, Mercury, Venus, (Earth + Moon), Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In other traditions, they have been visualized as spiritual energy centers within the body known as chakras. These chakras stretch from the root chakra at the base of the spine (Saturn) all the way up to the Crown chakra above the head and connecting in at the pineal visualization center (Jupiter).

Inner Sphere

These seven layers of our inner life strive to become balanced. But sometimes we focus on say only three layers and neglect the others to our ultimate detriment. Imagine these seven layers as legs of a table. It only takes three legs for a table to stand, but the table we are visualizing has seven legs, symbolizing these seven primary areas of life, and the authentic vibrant life needs to be expressed on all seven!

Spiritual (Jupiter) Journeys/Meaning/Philosophy/Synthesis
Professional (Saturn) Prestige/Accomplishment/Community
Intellectual (Mercury) Education/Communication/Learning/Perception
Emotional (Earth-Moon) Family/Heart/Soul
Vitality (Sun) Creativity/Purpose/Enlightenment
Social (Venus) Relationships/Aesthetics/Pleasure
Physical (Mars) Sexuality/Competition/Drive/Initiative

For instance, someone could be extremely focused on Professional, Intellectual, and Social development, and totally neglect the Physical, Vital, Emotional, and Spiritual areas of life. But down the line when one of those areas experiences a dimensional collapse (Which is only a matter of time due to the silently building pressures within the dis-eased neglected centers), then the person flies into a tail spin and their life goes through a crisis.

The current life change or crisis (lit. to decide in Greek) that I'm undergoing was caused by my own lack of attention on the Physical, Social, Emotional, and Vitality areas. I neglected movement and got stiff. I isolated myself in the woods and became anti-social as well as emotionally depressed. I lost any sense of purpose, until I had had enough and I was moved toward change once my Professional expression toppled. As a result, the relationship I was in went through a crisis of consciousness and we both realized that we had forced marriage upon ourselves when we were really just good friends with some common interests and admiration for each other. So now that we've ripped ourselves apart, it's beginning to become very clear how to restore balance in these seven areas.

One of the goals of my upcoming walkabout is to create a person-centered adventure where the goal is to interact with people and assist people with the gifts of the Magi that I've been given.

What exactly is a Magi?

If I'm going to have a blog about a traveling magi, maybe it's good to define the term. In ancient times (Sumeria), there were a class of magian priests who studied the cycles of the heavens and the planets within the starry sphere. They surmised through observation that the events that transpired in the heavens also transpired on earth, the familiar As Above, So Below mantra of astrology. In modern astrology we've expanded this to As Without, So Within and vice versa if you're that cool...

The word Magi is the root for many other words like Magic, Imagine, Magistrate, Majestic, etc. Lofty words indeed. In the ancient world the Magi, the same line of priest kings that visited Jesus in the manger, were considered wise men, highly educated of the Persian elite class. Abraham was on such man, the father of the desert religions that we are still fighting like wounded brothers and sisters to this day!

In the year 321 AD, the emperor Constantine released an edict that declared all Magi in the realm to be put to death. This was because the wisdom that the Magi held would seriously wreck the new emerging doctrine of Christianity as it was being crafted as a state religion. People were supposed to bend over and pay their tithes, not think for themselves and study the science/art of the heavens and surmise the secrets of time. So the Magi and their special wisdom were suppressed and driven out of the Western Civilization. Turns out that they were also eventually repressed, feared and scorned in their own culture with the rise of Islam.

In the modern world, this amazing tool called the Internet has enabled many isolated practitioners of this ancient form of magic to get in touch and share knowledge. We gather at conferences around the world, many posing a psychologists and counselors. But we are really Magi, and we have returned! Hence, the documentary film I made called Return of the Magi, available through Netflix.

Turns out that in the rising Aquarian Age, astrology will regain its former stature as chief of the fields of knowledge, along with Theology. Theology will change too, and embrace a more cosmic consciousness path to religious inspiration. Someone somewhere is working on the Third just wait and see!

So I've taken to the roads and streets of life to share this wisdom of the Magi. I won't be taking a camel, however disappointing that seems to some. But I will be using a lap top and a Droid cell phone to share inspiration with the world as I go and to document the journey of synchronicity. I live for the earth and serve her transition into the dawning new world. Maybe we should be called Techno-Magi!

Balancing Your Life

The key to balancing these seven areas of life is not about quantity of time spent in each domain, but quality. If you take quality time for health and fitness (the Physical) then you won't be forced to make time for sickness and illness. The body needs to move, it's that simple. A peaceful walk or some gentle Tai Chi or dance is enough. Just breath and sweat and heat your body up to the point that you sweat and transform the solid of your form into a liquid so the rivers of toxin can release and flow away. You know how great you feel after a good workout or amazing sex!

The Intellectual layer is crucial because it connects to all the other layers. You learn as you progress through life and expansion of knowing leads to improvement in all other areas! Plus it's fun! Knowledge is power, and power is about options. Lack of knowledge limits your options and thus your power and effectiveness as a human being. Anyone can master any subject in 3-5 years simply by devoting one hour a day to that subject. Yes, you have to turn off the TV to get to it. You have to fight to increase the quality of your moments on this planet. By the way, I defined a moment as 4 seconds in my first book, Celestial Renaissance. It just divides down to that archetypally. I mean, take a deep breath and count to four, and experience a full moment. Isn't it grand!

A rich social life with true friends is also an intimate aspect of life that needs our attention. You have to be a friend to have friends. I'm currently reading Exile Lifestyle blogger Colin Wright's new ebook "Networking Awesomely" and realizing the amazing power of social connection.

Colin boldly and gracefully integrates social intimacy and professional ambition in a unique approach to networking that evolves the collective game to new levels of expertise. Through the use of an adventurous blend of personal magnetism strategies and the refined ability to scope out the social contours of a room full of people, Colin shows us how to engage human interconnection in such a way that the boundaries between accomplishing our goals and celebrating life seem to blur.

Check out "Networking Awesomely" and you won't be disappointed. My son and I were reading it together last night and laughing so hard we couldn't stop scrolling the e-pages!

Your options for interacting with and befriending people are endless. Join a society or club, take a new course, develop a hobby and join a group that supports it, volunteer! Get out there and socialize. I love the Meetup website where you can type in what you love and find groups in your area who are doing it and sharing it! Colin talks about others in the ebook.

When it comes to Profession, everyone wants to make money, but that's not the core of the issue. Really, we want a sense of contribution to society. When I do someone's astrology chart, I want to know that I sincerely helped that person along their path. As poet David Whyte says, "One good word is bread for a thousand!" We also want to be tested. We want our abilities and capacities to grow through the fire of the journey. Sometimes we fail, and we learn from it. Sometimes we succeed and we realize new heights of personal power and responsibility. Rilke said, "Winning does not temper man, this is how he grows: By being defeated decisively by greater and greater beings." So seek out greater beings, greater challenges and grow in the process!

With Spirituality we don't need to confine this to religious practice. What about our spiritual relationship to the collective? To the environment? What about simply living true to your heart, your ethics, your philosophy. This is where meaning emerges and a sense of the grand scheme of things. This is where all the rest of it starts to make sense through synthesis.

What about that Emotional layer? I tend to neglect family, clan, tradition. Women don't feel safe with someone whose allegiance is to the cosmos before everything else, especially the light bills. I'd rather burn candles in the dark pouring over dusty tomes and meditating on the ancient symbols of life. But I have a hard time just living life and being with people without feeling like an exile, an alien inside. My son gets me though, and appreciates my cosmic approach to being in form. I trust him. He knows my love for him runs deep and I show it. We are best buds. Many women have moved through his life and mothered him in different ways. I've loved being with all of them and can still feel their influences, see into their eyes, and peer into their hearts. Relationships are fluid. They rise and fall like tides. I'm not attached to happily ever after, especially after what I've seen on the long suffering war-torn relationship front of people dying slowly in place, living in comfort but lacking passion!

We come full circle to Vitality, which also has to do with feeling like you belong and have purpose. Symbolized by the Sun, we all quest for enlightenment along this path of self-realization. The minute you give up your individuality is the minute you begin to lose your purpose. Your life gets consumed by the tribe and your purpose gets relegated to Society's Purpose. You work and you pay taxes and you don't question authority. You don't shine bright, you stay in line, merely orbiting the luminaries pictured on the magazine stands at the supermarket.

Except the creative individual has the power to change civilization. No institution ever came up with an idea. Only individuals give spiritual potency to ideas. Then these ideas get cloaked in desire, others tap in, and then they get created!

So be true to your authenticity and thrive! And think about these dimensions within your own life. Are they in balance? Would love to hear from you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Liquid-ating Your Ass-ets

Letting Go...Again...

Letting go of your old life can be an adventure in itself. Even if you're just trying to simplify a little and de-clutter your existence. Modern living is erected on the principle of clutter and a weekly hauling of trash off to the invisible dump that we never see. What does that say about our way of life, that we bury our trash in the folds of mother earth?

There's a lot of cool stuff at the dump. I used to be a trash man during the summers in college. I was in the best shape of my life chasing down that truck and lifting those heavy barrels from 7 AM to 1 PM. We got paid on salary so the faster we finished our routes, the quicker we would be done. It was always fascinating to see my camo pants still standing up from all the grime at the doorway of my apartment. I would strip before entering, and then put them back on in the morning, only washing them on the weekend! I know gross, but why wash pants that are going to be gross anyway all week no matter what you do?

It used to make my heart sick philosophizing about how much we worship stuff in the modern world. So much stuff but so little consciousness or thinking for yourself. We plug into TV and are blasted by ads everywhere, clutter for the mind. Then we go to churches, temples, etc, and we are told what to believe so that we might win an eternal life, clutter for the spirit. We eat junk foods and feel crappy and exhausted, clutter for the body.

Clutter, Clutter, Clutter!

So here I am after a four year marriage and I have simplified my worldly possessions down to a 10' by 10' storage locker, and even that makes me sick inside. I just want to let it all go, even though I'm emotionally attached to all those cool books, all those journals filled with brilliant creative ideas. One of my notebooks could make someone a fortune if they had better business instincts than I do. But money is not why I live. Experience and creative invention is why I live. Long after we're gone, we won't be taking the possessions/wealth. The Egyptians used to bury your crap with you in case you need a vase ont he other side, LOL. We will only be taking the memories and soul experiences, tragic or profound.

Watering Your Rear

Liquidating your Assets sounds a lot like washing your butt, but doesn't it feel good to be clean? The Zen master Suzuki said, "We don't need to learn how to let things go, we just need to recognize when it's already gone." A simple recognition is all we need to set the wave of change in motion. I recognize that I've outgrown an old way of living on this planet.

It's scary to embrace this rarely traveled path, because the intuition is that I won't survive. The fear of death or being confined (even worse for an Aquarian!) looms titanic in consciousness. And I think the intuition is entirely correct. I don't want to survive!

Do I have a Death Wish?

No, not at all. I want to keep this consciousness vibrant on planet Earth as long as spirit needs me here traveling and teaching and inspiring others. Death does not scare me, confinement does. I love what Gandalf said to Pippin in Lord of the Rings: "Death is not the end of the journey..." And I know that deeply. I know I've lived before in other lives because I have vivid memories of being an English Poet, a German Astrologer, an Egyptian Astrologer, a Peruvian Hunter, a Japanese Warrior Mystic, and others... But this moment, this life is the edge of the wave of experience and it's right where I need to be focused. The past can only hurt you if you dwell on it.

To me Death represents freedom. No more obligations, no more bills, no more struggle, just a melting off into another spiritual adventure to another star system! But I do not seek or flee from its great mystery. Death is a doorway to a mergence with Spirit so fascinating that no religion has even touched it with a ten foot sacred staff.

Death of Stuff

Letting go of something you've treasured is a little death. It is precious too you, but it has served your path until now. Honor the emotion and then donate it to charity or give it away or sell it on Ebay...let it flow through your life. Wealth and possessions were once understood as currency, currents flowing through you. A possession possesses you to the same extent as you possess it. There is a relationship there that needs to be acknowledged and honored.

I have 40 days and 40 nights left to rid myself of everything except for what I carry on my back. Facing a lot of little deaths in the process! All day yesterday Arian (my son) and I sorted through thousands of miniature figures we collected together over the last seven years, 19 complete sets worth over $5000. We are selling them one set at a time on Ebay. We'll see what happens. I've never sold anything on Ebay yet. Another guy from Craigslist is buying our HDTV and X-box 360 game system, our Sony surround sound DVD player, and all of our games (over $1000 worth of amazing titles). We are letting go together because we are moving toward being "real life adventurers." I mean, I will always create fantasy worlds and imaginary adventures. I'm designing an astrologically inspired role-playing game right now, and thinking about my next fantasy novel after I revise the first. But the desire to lighten my load for world travel is enticing me more than anything else.

My New Equipment List

So what am I taking with me, a robe and a begging bowl? Not at all. I have no vow of poverty. I plan on making even more money through my work in astrology and creative projects on the web. My goal is to simplify my possessions down to 51 things. If my new adventuring friend Colin can do it, so can anyone.

What does my list of things look like for the road? When you create a role-playing character for a fantasy game one of the best parts of character design that everybody loves is the equipment selection aspect. My kid's favorite part of the book! So now I get to pick my equipment in real life for the adventure ahead. Here's my core list so far. What else should I take?

Osprey 85L Argon Backpack
2 Nalgene Water Bottles (plus pack belt with two carrier sleeves)
Medical Kit
Sleeping Bag
REI Dome Tent
Camo Poncho
Vibram running shoes
3 shirts (1 nice, one athletic, one in between)
2 Shorts
2 Pants (cargo)
3-pairs Socks
Passport+ID+Debit Cards+Wallet
HD Flip Camera
Droid Cell Phone
I-pad bookreader/music player etc
Flash Drive
Mini Tripod
A/C plug in adapter
Pack Towel (quick dry)
1 Bronco football Jersey
Journal + Writing Instruments
Food Bag (a horse has gotta eat!)
Cool Sandals

That's only 30 things so far if you group stuff like the socks and IDs? Wow! I'm doing good at this minimalism stuff!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vows of the Magi

Vows Were Made For Me

Wordsworth once wrote "I made not vows, but vows were made for me." He wrote that in the middle of a poem where he dedicated himself to his calling as a poet, instead of buckling down and getting a job as a priest to support his younger sister.

The astrological chart is a clue to the kinds of vows your soul made by coming here mixed in with the implicit "vows" of clearing your karmic debts. However, our karma seems like the national debt as we keep generating it through experience. But not all karma is bad karma. You might have saved someone's life in the past (or past life) and they might owe you a debt of gratitude.

I love the days that I help people through astrology. Any day you help connect people to the cosmic consciousness that pervades the universe and empower them with the knowledge of the archetypal textures of time is a great day in my experience.

Vow of the Body

On this journey ahead my #1 possession will be my body. I'm going to focus on maintaining optimal health through exercise, nutrition, and sleep. That's Vow # the body is a printout of consciousness! When we are born, it's like our consciousness is downloaded into our human form, imprinted in the cells and brought to life through the sacred breath. Even in the Bible it says that God breathed his spirit through Adams nostrils in order to animate him to life.

This is why astrologers use the moment of the first breath as the beginning of life. I don't know why the Christian's get so bent out of shape over abortion. The baby is not truly alive and in possession of his or her own spirit and destiny until that first breath. otherwise astrology would not work. But it does, even if they don't care to investigate it because they are taught that it's taboo. I think we should use the first kiss, essentially mingling and sharing of that breath as the beginning of a romantic relationship chart.

The Zero Hour Workweek

In preparation for the spiritual journey ahead I've been surfing the web researching sites about Location Independence and Traveling Lifestyles. The 4 Hour Work Week and Vagabonding were major inspirations to set me on this path. Since then I've read lots of amazing blogs on the subject where I encountered great inspiration like the Zero Hour Workweek.

In this ebook, the author poses "the two most important questions in the universe."

1. What do you want to get out of life?
2. What can you offer the world that no one else can?

I thought those were fascinating questions so I answered them in my journal:

1. Creative imagination adventures and expression. Like Prometheus giving fire to humanity, bring the gift of astrology to the world while traveling the world and learning and experiencing amazing ideas, cultures and things. Writing. I'm here to write. If I could not write, please eject me from the planet now!

2. The author quotes Martin Luther King and I love the quote: "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." That really resonated deep in my Aquarian humanitarian heart.

Then the author asks you to bring those two answers together: Can you craft a way of doing what you love and helping others through visualization (Jupiter), Planning (Saturn), Action (Mars), and sacrifice (Neptune/Moon).

I think my goal in sharing this unique journey is to help people realize their own sacred destinies. The world is craving truth-sayers and authenticity. I want to lead by example, and I'm starting by following and living my chart to the core as a born Explorer and Writer. We'll see if Jupiter in Sagittarius really grants good fortune to travelers!

The author goes on to say that when you combine what you're most passionate about with a focus on helping others, you'll often exceed your expectations with both. That's a nice added bonus for sure!

University of Creativity

My goal is to create new ways to present ideas combined with my relentless commitment to doing something no one else has ever done. For years I've dreamed of having a University of Creativity, complete with a campus and all! But now that I'm making a vow of location independence, that dream needs to change. Now I'm envisioning crafting a flexible global university where I meet teachers and mentors all over and craft a website to have people travel to foreign lands to receive instruction. That would be way cool! The current trend is to travel the world and work from anywhere. What if we could travel the world to be trained in the skills we want to develop? Traveling and working becomes traveling and learning! The university of planet earth!

Maybe that's what I'm born to create...

Sacred Vows

In any sacred journey it's nice to create some monastic-like vows to keep you focused on the mission at hand. I already subscribe to the vow of eating vegan foods, despite that chicken fried steak I was pressured to eat on Wife Swap that sent me to the hospital for an MRI. They didn't film my trip to the hospital!

I also want to create a vow of Location Independence for myself. I can only spend a season or two in one location. The goal is to arrive in a new location and travel around till I find a place I really feel creative and supported in. Then I'll either camp, stay at youth hostels, or even rent an affordable apartment. After three months (one season) I have to make a decision: stay for one more season (and only one) or move along to the next interesting location that's calling my heart to go explore.

I added a Donation button to the Traveling Magi Website so that my readers and clients can help support my journey abroad. I thank anyone who is moved to support my journey in advance! Your donation might mean the difference between camping in the woods, staying at youth hostel, or renting an apartment in any given location!

Beyond donations, I really want to nurture a core group of enthusiastic people who might also hold the vision for some kind of global village travel-based school. I can't wait to meet the first mentor of some craft to add to a cool new website with contact info and all! If you are a teacher of any trade or skill, please let me know and I can add you to the site as long as you're open to foreigners or people down the street looking you up for educational purposes. I mentor students of astrology online all the time and I will continue this practice from wherever I'm at because one of my gifts is teaching and another is astrology. You don't have to have a teaching space in the age of the Internet!

So those are my two vows to start with. Being Vegan is easy because I've been doing it since 1992, but I also don't want to insult foreigners by saying no thanks to their offers for food. They'll just have to understand that this Magi has sacred vows. I will not eat other animals to continue my wretched existence. LOL I've never tried Location Independence before so I'll let you know how that goes. I've added a new feature to the Traveling Magi Website called Where's Kelly. You can go check out where I am and see where I intend to go next.

The most ironic and humorous aspect of this world adventure desire lies in the fact that I'm designing a strategy board game about settling a medieval village that gradually grows into a town and then a city as players develop their factions and districts. Who designs a game about settling down when they're simultaneously taking a vow to never settle down? I'm a walking spontaneous contradiction and I love it!

What vows do you have in your life? How can you enrich the world in a way that only you could manage due to your unique character. Dare to imagine folks!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Day of Activation

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds for potential future harvest. It rhymes with Winter and meeting someone for the first time. The ancients used to celebrate by literally blowing the ram's horn when they saw the crescent in the sky according to the Bible. Which means they actually celebrated the New Moon on the day after the new moon when the fledgling crescent is first visible. I like to call this the Day of Activation.

When the Moon is invisible and dark three and a half days before the New Moon, we astrologers call it the Balsamic Phase...a good time to pour some Balsamic vinegar on your salad! This is the time when the spirit of life is attempting to subtly give you signs as to what your intention should be for the emerging New Moon.

Watch the signs. Who shows up in your life? What do they symbolize? What events transpire? How are they symbols of intentions? The Earth herself is resetting her own magnetic emotional field during this time, so everyone feels exhausted. Pay attention during those days and you'll experience this. It's like clockwork.

The actual day of the New Moon is about bringing the intention you've received into thought and feeling. How do you feel about it? What do you think about what you're intending? How can you mentally strategize a plan for the Day of Activation?

So today is the Day of Activation! Today is the day to charge the cavalry of your visions into a full on mounted assault! Go for it! Plant a strong seed so that when the Full Moon in Aries comes in October, you'll achieve amazing fulfillment!

So what happened to me today? I went to the gym and ran for an hour on the treadmill after lifting weights, my usual routine. But today I was pushing through the pain of a sprained toe and it hurt, but I persisted, because I felt it was going to heal faster if I moved it and worked it and didn't baby it.

Then I go into the sauna and meet this amazing man named Derrick, an African American with a huge Christina cross tattooed on his upper back. We start talking about my toe injury and I told him it was kind of ironic because I was just about to embark on a world journey of spiritual sharing.

Synchronicity lightning strikes. Derrick just completed an amazing journey backpacking through the West and Alaska and felt deeply at home in Boulder with unusual people! So we had this amazing talk with all these old men coming in and out, and we covered astrology, metaphysics, travel, spirituality. It was one of those amazing synchronicties where you know Spirit has you exactly where you need to be.

So I felt moved to do his chart for free, as he was out of work and trying to get settled. We went to Whole Foods and I bought him an organic salad. Feed the body before you feed the mind! While we were eating and talking Spirit urged me to ask him if he knew about the ABC show Wife Swap, so I did.

It was his favorite show and it watches it with his mother! Then he recognized me from the show and about fell out of his chair. He couldn't believe Christina and I were breaking up. He knew all about Arian and loved my son and digged how into fatherhood I was. He said that was his favorite episode and that it brought him and his mother great joy. He felt like we were spiritual brothers when he watched the show and loved Christina and Serenity our A-frame house. He wants to own it!

And then we went to the Borders Coffee Shop office and I blew his mind with astrology. I blessed him with a copy of Return of the Magi, a copy of Brazenwood my fantasy novel, and a free chart session.

He was a Capricorn Moon (3rd House) with a Virgo Sun (11th House) and Libra Rising (Venus in Leo in the 10th with Mercury and Mars), which in English means that he has the soul of the Wise Elder with a message of wisdom, walking the path of the sacred servant devoted to humanitarian concerns, wearing the mask of the Artist, Diplomat Host focused on experiencing joy through a creative calling.

Turns out that the Aries New Moon was exactly conjunct the 7th house cusp, a new beginning in relationship and friendships and he meets me, his favorite Wife Swap character! LOL

We had fun talking astrology and religion. He was deeply religious and also saw the flaws in our religious corporatized institutions. SO I shared this poem with him that I wrote at open mic poetry night in Asheville as a protest to this glitzy rap artist that kept coming with his posse to turn our temple of music and poetry into a church.

Bind Me Back Together

The rap artist never came again! And Derrick loved the poem and said, dude you gotta send me that. So there it is Derrick. Enjoy!

After Derrick left a woman named Omy asked if she could share my table so she could be close to the source of electricity. The wall outlet, not me! Turns out she's been studying astrology for 15 years and is yearning to learn how to synthesize the various chart factors. She came to the right place! I specialize in teaching chart synthesis. I pointed her to my work on the web and especially this link to the chart interpretation flow chart that came to me in a dream.

Astrology Flow Chart

I'm off to teach a one-on-one online class on astrology with my newest student for the next three hours. I guess that Day of Activation has spoken. I met a traveler whose email was traveldude who needed some astrological insight and spent the whole day teaching astrology, essentially. I was "supposed" to be cutting out the game board for my new medieval village board game, but my north node in Aquarius ran over my south node in Leo...helping humanity evolve trumped my creative pleasure!

I love how the universe moves and flows us all together!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Embracing the Wandering Lifestyle

Traveling Magi * Releasing Possessions * Aries New Moon

As you might have heard, I'm heading through the Gate, yes that gate, the gate of civilization and societal living in an experiment of lifestyle design based on long-term global travel. Essentially, I have graduated into a life of Location Independence and Global Citizenry. My new home in my wandering vagabonding adventures will be where I'm at presently. I recently renewed my passport and am currently selling most (hopefully all) of my worldly possessions except for what I carry on my back in my new Osprey Argon backpack that I picked up at REI the other day.

I believe we are born in response to a spiritual need on the planet and that this need is reflected in our astrological birth charts, the map of the state of the solar system at birth. With four planets and a Rising Sign in Sagittarius and a mobile Gemini Moon, I've finally surrendered to the archetype of the Seeker, Gypsy, Explorer, Philosopher, and traveling Scholar. Hopefully my adventures will bring you some inspiration!

My intention under the witness of this Aries New Moon is to inspire others to Live their Mysteries. Yeats said, "Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived, and a source of revelation." Universe, let my wandering lifestyle be a source of revelation! Eternal Being make me an instrument of your cosmic wisdom so that I may dispense it to humanity as your Aquarian servant!

I intend to live a life aimed at helping humanity evolve, armed with a lap top, a Droid phone, and the greatest Wonder of the World: The Internet. Through my creative endeavors, I aim to help humanity find inner peace. I can do this through the gift of writing and the gifts of astrological wisdom that have been bestowed upon me. I give thanks to my astrology mentor, Bonnie Wingo, who saw that I had the gift at age 14 and chose to teach me. I visited her on Easter as she lies on her death bed at age 83. The gleam in her eyes was still fierce and thirsting for experience. I wish her well on her spiritual adventure into the great beyond.

My friends and family think I'm a goofball and that I've lost it. They think that because my marriage ended, that my heart is broken, and that I can't face reality right now. They couldn't be further from the truth. I've actually been talking about this kind of lifestyle since high school and college, and even tried it back in the days before the Internet, traveling across America, the Colorado Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, Australia, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica...

I remember throwing all of my stuff away with my wife Tracey, and we headed down the trail for a life of adventure. We called it The Journey! We wanted to leave America as rebellious youth unsatisfied with our lives and the modern systems we've created. We found that wherever you go the good and the evil are perpetually there. We also found that while America might lead the world in power (ie. corruption) it also has a destiny to play in the emergence of a global village that will make the Aquarian Age shine! I love America, the land named after an Italian explorer who happened to write his name on all the maps he left behind. Sometimes meaningful accidents happen! They're called Synchronicities (lit: togetherness in time).

I intend to live a life of amazing synchronicity!

Many have written me with sadness over the breakup of my marriage with Christina recently and I thank you. People who witnessed our weirdness on the ABC show Wife Swap and who saw us put together the world's first documentary on astrology called Return of the Magi (available on Netflix) couldn't believe that a couple so kindred would be together for a mere 3 1/2 years. The truth is that relationships are not meant to last "forever" or even a lifetime in most cases. Yes, some rare ones do, but even then somebody will die first and leave the planet. In my experience, relationship last about 3 1/2 years before a new season emerges within the love. At that point it's time for a serious talk and either an upgrade to another 3.5 years under a new contract or a time to celebrate the ending of the relationship just as we celebrated the beginning.

Christina and I had our Nodal Axis of Karmic Legacy directly opposed, with her North Node on My South node and vise versa. That means that we were destined to help each other move toward each others' spiritual destinies, a karmic high five if you will on the way by like two ships not only passing during the night, but also sharing some vital inspiration that will become invaluable to the quest ahead. And that's what happened. I will love her deeply for the rest of my life.

So how will I help humanity?

Mainly through my creative endeavors and sharing astrological insight and wisdom. Recently I met a lady from Puerto Rico who is an Environmental Engineer at the University of Colorado in Grad school. She happened to overhear my broadcast of the Cosmic Weather with my friend and colleague Eric Meyers, and she came up to me one day to request an astrological reading. Not only did the interpretation I gave her help her understand the craziness of the times we're living through right now as a culture, it also gave of a deep sense of inner peace about her character and the intense earthshaking transits she's experiencing. It gave her guidance in a world that had no answers until she encountered the Cosmic Muse. One life was changed through the sacred words of astrology!

I will be publishing new astrology books through ebooks and through Print on Demand services like My current goal is to launch the Tao of Astrology under the great conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries this summer. I'm also working on editing the second astrology film on chart interpretation called Astrology Demystified. I will be sharing mystical poetry and cosmic philosophy over at, twittering at http://www.twitter/TravelingMagi, and broadcasting the Cosmic Weather at You can also find me on Facebook! ANd you can call me on Skype at kellyleephipps (screen name).

I'm also redesigning my site to streamline the astrological interpretations I give so that I can do it from the road with no shipping necessary. I will be recording my readings and uploading them to my server and sending the mp3 links to clients directly where they can download the to their i-pod if they are into that. I will also email them their chart printouts and info as pdf files.

In preparation for my travels I am offering a special sale on chart interpretations ordered in the next few months. Order any chart interpretation (even the 20-minute coffee shop special for $50 bucks) and I will throw in a FREE copy of Return of the Magi DVD plus a signed copy of my first fantasy adventure novel Brazenwood. That's a bonus of $40 of cool inspiring stuff! What are you waiting for?
Here's the link to my services page:

On a final note, I want you to know that I take life as a serious responsibility of embodied living potential. I want to actualize that potential while I can under this disseminating progressed lunation cycle as Saturn prepares to cross my 4 degree Libra Midheaven harvesting my gifts and Jupiter the planet of travel crosses my Nadir with Uranus, developing an unusual approach to home based on wandering!

April and May are all about preparing the way to move into my new mobile global lifestyle/adventure. I'll be selling lots of cool stuff on Craigslist and Ebay including my astrological library, my film camera and equipment, and pretty much everything else if I can. My monthly expenses will be for my Web Server, the Droid communication device, and my storage locker (which I hope to not have by June).

Enjoy the road ahead with this new blog! It's certainly going to get interesting.

Your Celestial Characterologist,

Kelly Lee Phipps