Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Embracing the Wandering Lifestyle

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As you might have heard, I'm heading through the Gate, yes that gate, the gate of civilization and societal living in an experiment of lifestyle design based on long-term global travel. Essentially, I have graduated into a life of Location Independence and Global Citizenry. My new home in my wandering vagabonding adventures will be where I'm at presently. I recently renewed my passport and am currently selling most (hopefully all) of my worldly possessions except for what I carry on my back in my new Osprey Argon backpack that I picked up at REI the other day.

I believe we are born in response to a spiritual need on the planet and that this need is reflected in our astrological birth charts, the map of the state of the solar system at birth. With four planets and a Rising Sign in Sagittarius and a mobile Gemini Moon, I've finally surrendered to the archetype of the Seeker, Gypsy, Explorer, Philosopher, and traveling Scholar. Hopefully my adventures will bring you some inspiration!

My intention under the witness of this Aries New Moon is to inspire others to Live their Mysteries. Yeats said, "Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived, and a source of revelation." Universe, let my wandering lifestyle be a source of revelation! Eternal Being make me an instrument of your cosmic wisdom so that I may dispense it to humanity as your Aquarian servant!

I intend to live a life aimed at helping humanity evolve, armed with a lap top, a Droid phone, and the greatest Wonder of the World: The Internet. Through my creative endeavors, I aim to help humanity find inner peace. I can do this through the gift of writing and the gifts of astrological wisdom that have been bestowed upon me. I give thanks to my astrology mentor, Bonnie Wingo, who saw that I had the gift at age 14 and chose to teach me. I visited her on Easter as she lies on her death bed at age 83. The gleam in her eyes was still fierce and thirsting for experience. I wish her well on her spiritual adventure into the great beyond.

My friends and family think I'm a goofball and that I've lost it. They think that because my marriage ended, that my heart is broken, and that I can't face reality right now. They couldn't be further from the truth. I've actually been talking about this kind of lifestyle since high school and college, and even tried it back in the days before the Internet, traveling across America, the Colorado Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, Australia, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica...

I remember throwing all of my stuff away with my wife Tracey, and we headed down the trail for a life of adventure. We called it The Journey! We wanted to leave America as rebellious youth unsatisfied with our lives and the modern systems we've created. We found that wherever you go the good and the evil are perpetually there. We also found that while America might lead the world in power (ie. corruption) it also has a destiny to play in the emergence of a global village that will make the Aquarian Age shine! I love America, the land named after an Italian explorer who happened to write his name on all the maps he left behind. Sometimes meaningful accidents happen! They're called Synchronicities (lit: togetherness in time).

I intend to live a life of amazing synchronicity!

Many have written me with sadness over the breakup of my marriage with Christina recently and I thank you. People who witnessed our weirdness on the ABC show Wife Swap and who saw us put together the world's first documentary on astrology called Return of the Magi (available on Netflix) couldn't believe that a couple so kindred would be together for a mere 3 1/2 years. The truth is that relationships are not meant to last "forever" or even a lifetime in most cases. Yes, some rare ones do, but even then somebody will die first and leave the planet. In my experience, relationship last about 3 1/2 years before a new season emerges within the love. At that point it's time for a serious talk and either an upgrade to another 3.5 years under a new contract or a time to celebrate the ending of the relationship just as we celebrated the beginning.

Christina and I had our Nodal Axis of Karmic Legacy directly opposed, with her North Node on My South node and vise versa. That means that we were destined to help each other move toward each others' spiritual destinies, a karmic high five if you will on the way by like two ships not only passing during the night, but also sharing some vital inspiration that will become invaluable to the quest ahead. And that's what happened. I will love her deeply for the rest of my life.

So how will I help humanity?

Mainly through my creative endeavors and sharing astrological insight and wisdom. Recently I met a lady from Puerto Rico who is an Environmental Engineer at the University of Colorado in Grad school. She happened to overhear my broadcast of the Cosmic Weather with my friend and colleague Eric Meyers, and she came up to me one day to request an astrological reading. Not only did the interpretation I gave her help her understand the craziness of the times we're living through right now as a culture, it also gave of a deep sense of inner peace about her character and the intense earthshaking transits she's experiencing. It gave her guidance in a world that had no answers until she encountered the Cosmic Muse. One life was changed through the sacred words of astrology!

I will be publishing new astrology books through ebooks and through Print on Demand services like My current goal is to launch the Tao of Astrology under the great conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries this summer. I'm also working on editing the second astrology film on chart interpretation called Astrology Demystified. I will be sharing mystical poetry and cosmic philosophy over at, twittering at http://www.twitter/TravelingMagi, and broadcasting the Cosmic Weather at You can also find me on Facebook! ANd you can call me on Skype at kellyleephipps (screen name).

I'm also redesigning my site to streamline the astrological interpretations I give so that I can do it from the road with no shipping necessary. I will be recording my readings and uploading them to my server and sending the mp3 links to clients directly where they can download the to their i-pod if they are into that. I will also email them their chart printouts and info as pdf files.

In preparation for my travels I am offering a special sale on chart interpretations ordered in the next few months. Order any chart interpretation (even the 20-minute coffee shop special for $50 bucks) and I will throw in a FREE copy of Return of the Magi DVD plus a signed copy of my first fantasy adventure novel Brazenwood. That's a bonus of $40 of cool inspiring stuff! What are you waiting for?
Here's the link to my services page:

On a final note, I want you to know that I take life as a serious responsibility of embodied living potential. I want to actualize that potential while I can under this disseminating progressed lunation cycle as Saturn prepares to cross my 4 degree Libra Midheaven harvesting my gifts and Jupiter the planet of travel crosses my Nadir with Uranus, developing an unusual approach to home based on wandering!

April and May are all about preparing the way to move into my new mobile global lifestyle/adventure. I'll be selling lots of cool stuff on Craigslist and Ebay including my astrological library, my film camera and equipment, and pretty much everything else if I can. My monthly expenses will be for my Web Server, the Droid communication device, and my storage locker (which I hope to not have by June).

Enjoy the road ahead with this new blog! It's certainly going to get interesting.

Your Celestial Characterologist,

Kelly Lee Phipps


  1. Is your son Arian also traveling with you? I homeschooled my kids with the idea of doing lots of traveling but unfortunately it didn't work out and they would have loved it, full of Sag energies themselves (inherited from their Dad). I wanted to show them where I grew up in both the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We will get there.

  2. Universe, let my wandering lifestyle be a source of revelation! Eternal Being make me an instrument of your cosmic wisdom so that I may dispense it to humanity as your Aquarian servant!

    This quote I love! Yes, I too am listening to the musing of my soul longings to evolve. I awoke this morning to this Aries New Moon with clarity to release many of my belongings and move West. The adventure has begun.

    Thanks for the inspiring blog messages!

  3. Thanks Wendy and Melody for chiming in. My son will be joining the quest after he spends the summer with his mom on an island along the Gulf Coast. Look forward to seeing you maybe in the west Wendy cause that's where I'm headed first in June, then off to Maui and Hawaii...

    A Wendy Melody is a nice start as I love the music of the wind!

  4. The intelligent members of your family know you are a goofball, but think you should follow your spirit wherever it haven't done so bad thus far!!!

  5. What's up Moses! I joined your twitter flow too! It feels very spiritual to be a follower of Moses. LOL

    Hi Uncle and Mom. We are a family of weirdos compared to the average joe in Americe, so we gotta follow our flow.

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