Friday, April 16, 2010

Vows of the Magi

Vows Were Made For Me

Wordsworth once wrote "I made not vows, but vows were made for me." He wrote that in the middle of a poem where he dedicated himself to his calling as a poet, instead of buckling down and getting a job as a priest to support his younger sister.

The astrological chart is a clue to the kinds of vows your soul made by coming here mixed in with the implicit "vows" of clearing your karmic debts. However, our karma seems like the national debt as we keep generating it through experience. But not all karma is bad karma. You might have saved someone's life in the past (or past life) and they might owe you a debt of gratitude.

I love the days that I help people through astrology. Any day you help connect people to the cosmic consciousness that pervades the universe and empower them with the knowledge of the archetypal textures of time is a great day in my experience.

Vow of the Body

On this journey ahead my #1 possession will be my body. I'm going to focus on maintaining optimal health through exercise, nutrition, and sleep. That's Vow # the body is a printout of consciousness! When we are born, it's like our consciousness is downloaded into our human form, imprinted in the cells and brought to life through the sacred breath. Even in the Bible it says that God breathed his spirit through Adams nostrils in order to animate him to life.

This is why astrologers use the moment of the first breath as the beginning of life. I don't know why the Christian's get so bent out of shape over abortion. The baby is not truly alive and in possession of his or her own spirit and destiny until that first breath. otherwise astrology would not work. But it does, even if they don't care to investigate it because they are taught that it's taboo. I think we should use the first kiss, essentially mingling and sharing of that breath as the beginning of a romantic relationship chart.

The Zero Hour Workweek

In preparation for the spiritual journey ahead I've been surfing the web researching sites about Location Independence and Traveling Lifestyles. The 4 Hour Work Week and Vagabonding were major inspirations to set me on this path. Since then I've read lots of amazing blogs on the subject where I encountered great inspiration like the Zero Hour Workweek.

In this ebook, the author poses "the two most important questions in the universe."

1. What do you want to get out of life?
2. What can you offer the world that no one else can?

I thought those were fascinating questions so I answered them in my journal:

1. Creative imagination adventures and expression. Like Prometheus giving fire to humanity, bring the gift of astrology to the world while traveling the world and learning and experiencing amazing ideas, cultures and things. Writing. I'm here to write. If I could not write, please eject me from the planet now!

2. The author quotes Martin Luther King and I love the quote: "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." That really resonated deep in my Aquarian humanitarian heart.

Then the author asks you to bring those two answers together: Can you craft a way of doing what you love and helping others through visualization (Jupiter), Planning (Saturn), Action (Mars), and sacrifice (Neptune/Moon).

I think my goal in sharing this unique journey is to help people realize their own sacred destinies. The world is craving truth-sayers and authenticity. I want to lead by example, and I'm starting by following and living my chart to the core as a born Explorer and Writer. We'll see if Jupiter in Sagittarius really grants good fortune to travelers!

The author goes on to say that when you combine what you're most passionate about with a focus on helping others, you'll often exceed your expectations with both. That's a nice added bonus for sure!

University of Creativity

My goal is to create new ways to present ideas combined with my relentless commitment to doing something no one else has ever done. For years I've dreamed of having a University of Creativity, complete with a campus and all! But now that I'm making a vow of location independence, that dream needs to change. Now I'm envisioning crafting a flexible global university where I meet teachers and mentors all over and craft a website to have people travel to foreign lands to receive instruction. That would be way cool! The current trend is to travel the world and work from anywhere. What if we could travel the world to be trained in the skills we want to develop? Traveling and working becomes traveling and learning! The university of planet earth!

Maybe that's what I'm born to create...

Sacred Vows

In any sacred journey it's nice to create some monastic-like vows to keep you focused on the mission at hand. I already subscribe to the vow of eating vegan foods, despite that chicken fried steak I was pressured to eat on Wife Swap that sent me to the hospital for an MRI. They didn't film my trip to the hospital!

I also want to create a vow of Location Independence for myself. I can only spend a season or two in one location. The goal is to arrive in a new location and travel around till I find a place I really feel creative and supported in. Then I'll either camp, stay at youth hostels, or even rent an affordable apartment. After three months (one season) I have to make a decision: stay for one more season (and only one) or move along to the next interesting location that's calling my heart to go explore.

I added a Donation button to the Traveling Magi Website so that my readers and clients can help support my journey abroad. I thank anyone who is moved to support my journey in advance! Your donation might mean the difference between camping in the woods, staying at youth hostel, or renting an apartment in any given location!

Beyond donations, I really want to nurture a core group of enthusiastic people who might also hold the vision for some kind of global village travel-based school. I can't wait to meet the first mentor of some craft to add to a cool new website with contact info and all! If you are a teacher of any trade or skill, please let me know and I can add you to the site as long as you're open to foreigners or people down the street looking you up for educational purposes. I mentor students of astrology online all the time and I will continue this practice from wherever I'm at because one of my gifts is teaching and another is astrology. You don't have to have a teaching space in the age of the Internet!

So those are my two vows to start with. Being Vegan is easy because I've been doing it since 1992, but I also don't want to insult foreigners by saying no thanks to their offers for food. They'll just have to understand that this Magi has sacred vows. I will not eat other animals to continue my wretched existence. LOL I've never tried Location Independence before so I'll let you know how that goes. I've added a new feature to the Traveling Magi Website called Where's Kelly. You can go check out where I am and see where I intend to go next.

The most ironic and humorous aspect of this world adventure desire lies in the fact that I'm designing a strategy board game about settling a medieval village that gradually grows into a town and then a city as players develop their factions and districts. Who designs a game about settling down when they're simultaneously taking a vow to never settle down? I'm a walking spontaneous contradiction and I love it!

What vows do you have in your life? How can you enrich the world in a way that only you could manage due to your unique character. Dare to imagine folks!


  1. Looking great, brother!

    I think my main vow is to adhere to my personal philosophy...amazing how many people simply don't do this, and that leads to an enormous amount of regret and stress.

  2. Sounds like a very Aries Sun Sign focus and a very honorable intention, Colin! Even on the plane they admonish us to put our own breathing mask on before assisting your can you help others if you are full or regret and stressed out?

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