Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Day of Activation

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds for potential future harvest. It rhymes with Winter and meeting someone for the first time. The ancients used to celebrate by literally blowing the ram's horn when they saw the crescent in the sky according to the Bible. Which means they actually celebrated the New Moon on the day after the new moon when the fledgling crescent is first visible. I like to call this the Day of Activation.

When the Moon is invisible and dark three and a half days before the New Moon, we astrologers call it the Balsamic Phase...a good time to pour some Balsamic vinegar on your salad! This is the time when the spirit of life is attempting to subtly give you signs as to what your intention should be for the emerging New Moon.

Watch the signs. Who shows up in your life? What do they symbolize? What events transpire? How are they symbols of intentions? The Earth herself is resetting her own magnetic emotional field during this time, so everyone feels exhausted. Pay attention during those days and you'll experience this. It's like clockwork.

The actual day of the New Moon is about bringing the intention you've received into thought and feeling. How do you feel about it? What do you think about what you're intending? How can you mentally strategize a plan for the Day of Activation?

So today is the Day of Activation! Today is the day to charge the cavalry of your visions into a full on mounted assault! Go for it! Plant a strong seed so that when the Full Moon in Aries comes in October, you'll achieve amazing fulfillment!

So what happened to me today? I went to the gym and ran for an hour on the treadmill after lifting weights, my usual routine. But today I was pushing through the pain of a sprained toe and it hurt, but I persisted, because I felt it was going to heal faster if I moved it and worked it and didn't baby it.

Then I go into the sauna and meet this amazing man named Derrick, an African American with a huge Christina cross tattooed on his upper back. We start talking about my toe injury and I told him it was kind of ironic because I was just about to embark on a world journey of spiritual sharing.

Synchronicity lightning strikes. Derrick just completed an amazing journey backpacking through the West and Alaska and felt deeply at home in Boulder with unusual people! So we had this amazing talk with all these old men coming in and out, and we covered astrology, metaphysics, travel, spirituality. It was one of those amazing synchronicties where you know Spirit has you exactly where you need to be.

So I felt moved to do his chart for free, as he was out of work and trying to get settled. We went to Whole Foods and I bought him an organic salad. Feed the body before you feed the mind! While we were eating and talking Spirit urged me to ask him if he knew about the ABC show Wife Swap, so I did.

It was his favorite show and it watches it with his mother! Then he recognized me from the show and about fell out of his chair. He couldn't believe Christina and I were breaking up. He knew all about Arian and loved my son and digged how into fatherhood I was. He said that was his favorite episode and that it brought him and his mother great joy. He felt like we were spiritual brothers when he watched the show and loved Christina and Serenity our A-frame house. He wants to own it!

And then we went to the Borders Coffee Shop office and I blew his mind with astrology. I blessed him with a copy of Return of the Magi, a copy of Brazenwood my fantasy novel, and a free chart session.

He was a Capricorn Moon (3rd House) with a Virgo Sun (11th House) and Libra Rising (Venus in Leo in the 10th with Mercury and Mars), which in English means that he has the soul of the Wise Elder with a message of wisdom, walking the path of the sacred servant devoted to humanitarian concerns, wearing the mask of the Artist, Diplomat Host focused on experiencing joy through a creative calling.

Turns out that the Aries New Moon was exactly conjunct the 7th house cusp, a new beginning in relationship and friendships and he meets me, his favorite Wife Swap character! LOL

We had fun talking astrology and religion. He was deeply religious and also saw the flaws in our religious corporatized institutions. SO I shared this poem with him that I wrote at open mic poetry night in Asheville as a protest to this glitzy rap artist that kept coming with his posse to turn our temple of music and poetry into a church.

Bind Me Back Together

The rap artist never came again! And Derrick loved the poem and said, dude you gotta send me that. So there it is Derrick. Enjoy!

After Derrick left a woman named Omy asked if she could share my table so she could be close to the source of electricity. The wall outlet, not me! Turns out she's been studying astrology for 15 years and is yearning to learn how to synthesize the various chart factors. She came to the right place! I specialize in teaching chart synthesis. I pointed her to my work on the web and especially this link to the chart interpretation flow chart that came to me in a dream.

Astrology Flow Chart

I'm off to teach a one-on-one online class on astrology with my newest student for the next three hours. I guess that Day of Activation has spoken. I met a traveler whose email was traveldude who needed some astrological insight and spent the whole day teaching astrology, essentially. I was "supposed" to be cutting out the game board for my new medieval village board game, but my north node in Aquarius ran over my south node in Leo...helping humanity evolve trumped my creative pleasure!

I love how the universe moves and flows us all together!


  1. Yes Mars in Leo, is happening now to you strongly,
    especially if you already have a trusting heart
    in the Universe. Which you do. Flows.

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