Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Fearful Snakes of Destiny

Visualizing the Roadtrip

In preparation for the journey ahead, there are a ton of details to be taken care of. For being an aspiring homeless wandering vagabonging astrological nomad, I sure am busy! I have charts to do stacking up on my desk, Return of the Magi DVDs to ship out to people (customers and distributors), more stuff to sell on Ebay to fund the journey, another astrology documentary to edit, and a few books to write! Good grief!

I think I'll be taking those book projects with me to work on. I mean, that's the spirit of this quest, is to free up my time and devote my time to working on creative projects that serve humanity. To support this vein of activity, I found this cool online data storage place called where you can scan and upload all your data from notebooks to photos. Don't know if I actually need that when I have my own web server where I can store 250 GB of data (minus all my websites). But who knows, it's an interesting service I thought you might like to hear about.

May is Already Here

So today is May 1st! My son is flying out to be with his mother for the summer on May 28th, four weeks! I'm heading north on my mountain bike "Astron" the day after that. I need to get my bike tuned up, maybe even overhauled like a starship pulling into a space port after a long mission. I haven't ridden it since I trapped myself in the woods at Serenity. Bad move! Biking is amazing exercise, especially when you live in a mountainous town like Asheville NC or Boulder CO. No wonder my thighs are so giant, that and Sagittarius Rising! It might cost a few hundred dollars to get my bike ready for the journey. Luckily a wonderfully generous reader of this blog and former client of mine named Roseann decided to hit my donation button and donate $500 bucks. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! That takes the pressure off as I make my preparations. I did sell a set of rare miniatures on Ebay, but it turns out that you have to wait up to 21 days or until they receive it and notify the system before PayPal releases the funds into your account. I can respect that, so no one gets screwed over, as long as one uses Signature Confirmation to prove that it was indeed delivered.

Oh my god! I'm actually abandoning "normal" settled living and heading north to ride my bike to Canada and then San Francisco, and then flying to Maui in four weeks! It's a courageous step outside the door of security into the bold unknown, and I embrace it wholeheartedly. When I hear about people dying in disasters or car wrecks or bad relationships, I always ponder just how thin the veil is between this world and the next. 8 pints of blood are all that separates us between worlds. So in the spirit of adventure and in honor of the frailty of life I am making this vow to live the greatest life I can live in contribution to the evolution of humanity.

Living Dangerously Courageous

Alan Watts once said that a moth flies into the candle flame because it mistakes the flicker for the sex call of its mate. Imagine the courage and pulsing desire in the moth as he swoops in to experience erotic pleasure and goes out in a burst of flame. Turns out that moths are prolific enough that hundreds or even thousands of them disappearing into candle flames will not extinct the species. I wish more humans could live with that kind of innocence and courage. And hey, if a few of us go out in a bold way, well at least we died with fire in our veins pursuing the activities we loved.

There's a lot of rattlesnakes in Wyoming. I had a dream last night that one was waiting outside of my tent for me one morning while camping just off the roadside. Luckily my new REI tent has to entrances, one on each side! But snakes have always been my worst fear, and I've kinda made my peace with them over the years respecting the Buddhist view that they represent great wisdom of the Yin feminine perspective. My geologist friend Lane in new Mexico lives with 5 Boa Constrictors and she wants me to visit her on my journeys! I will go and I will face my fears.

The snake in my dream was rattling away to the vibration of change. here I am shedding the skin of an old life. I still have a deep love in my heart for Christina and I always will. The saddest part is when people who have seen us on Wife Swap react to the news. They are like, "I can't believe you two are splitting up! You guys are perfect together." Obviously they weren't there for our estranged sex life or stressed bank account/credit card life...LOL I don't need to live up to other people's expectations. I need to live according to the needs of my visionary self which is forever trying to align my incarnated selves desires with it spiritual destiny.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

I think we get in the way of our own destinies. We need to step aside and surrender to the flow of synchronistic events and cultivate the courage to make friends with the unknown. If I die by snake bite in the wilds of Wyoming so be it. At least I went out following my dreams. There will be no regrets for living a passionate life filled with divine inspiration and purpose!

What purpose do you have for your life? I think that astrologically you can discern your life purpose through the combination of three main symbols: The Sun and its Signs House and Aspects (Plus wherever Leo is in the chart). The North Node destiny point and its sign house and aspects. And then there's the Midheaven as a symbol of your Calling and reputation in the community.

In my case I have the Sun in Aquarius in the 2nd house of nature, resources and belonging, and Leo is on the cusp of my 9th house of philosophy, journeys, and publishing. Aquarius being the sign of the inventor, the humanitarian, and the freedom fighter, the message of my Sun Sign is to pursue a highly individual path of invention that allows me the freedom to roam and publish and broadcast while at the same time grounding the metaphysical insights into the all natural and practical simplicity of usefulness and nature reverence.

With my North Node in Aquarius too but in the 3rd House, my goal is to communicate with Humanity and get over my self to serve the needs of the collective. Yes with the SOuth Node in Leo I've lived lives of royalty, creativity, and privilege, but this lifetime is about aiming that generosity and creative flair into project of metaphysical brilliance that will help humanity evolve. So that's what I'm doing!

With Libra the sign of the Artist on my Midheaven and Venus the governing planet of Libra in Sagittarius, archetype of the Teacher, Explorer, Seeker, Traveler, my calling involves the artistic dissemination of meaning and philosophy that inspires and uplifts people. In addition I have two planets up in and near my Midheaven (10th House of Career): Uranus the planet of cosmic genius and astrology and Pluto the planet of transformation and psychology. So no matter what I do it's going to be perceived by the collective as being futuristic and shamanic as I walk the career path of the Cosmic Therapist and the unconventional researcher.

When you add all those images together I get a profound visionary statement about why the hell I'm here! If you order a chart at my website I could interpret your destiny too! Even just a 20 minute Coffee Shop Special interpretation is enough time to focus on delving into your life purpose. Plus, anyone who orders a chart this month will get a free copy of Return of the Magi and a signed copy of my fantasy adventure novel Brazenwood! Check it out.

Hope you have an amazing month of May and dance around a few ay Poles in joyous delirious happiness!

By the way I'm considering moving my Blog to Wordpress because it seems to have a lot more coolness. I really love all the little pictures of subscribers on the sidelines of the e-blogger blog growing daily though. Maybe Wordpress does the same. It seems to be the blogging format of the pros though! Here's the link to it, let me know if you like that format better?


  1. Maybe someone can sign up at the Wordpress Blog and we'll see if we get any cool little blog reader picture squares!

  2. When I started riding motorcycles, Papaw said I was just a statistic waiting for death or immense pain but the feel of the wind in your hair and how you can see things and the people you meet was so worth it and I miss it every day. By the way the rattlesnakes are not gonna get you in WY. Love You MAMASAN

  3. This one looks better, easier to read. Plus I like the little pictures of subscribers too. It's a growing community :)

  4. Thank you for the lovely mention in your blog. I am so happy with the Natal Chart and Cosmic Therapy sessions you have given me, it is a joy to listen to them. I like to think of myself as a current client of yours and would even order an update, if that would not overwhelm you, as it has been almost a year since my Cosmic Therapy session.
    I am grateful to you for your help in softening my "crabby" Cancer moon conj my Cancer Asc shell inconj to my Sag Sun/Mercury conj. Your new path and your blog are very inspiring.

  5. Good stuff Kelly! Thanks again, always enjoy reading you.
    Don't worry bout those rattlesnakes, they generally are afraid of people and "run" away. (just don't pitch u're tent on a wood pile or near a rock wall ;)
    and don't forget you have a place to land if you need when you get to this area...

  6. Thanks Roseann and Pandora for the comments. I'm sure this blog will grow into a community of amazing supporters as my adventures progress. I just went down to the bike shop to look at hybrid road bikes and they want $600 bucks for an amazing bike called a Trek that flies down the road! So Roseann your donation will go to a great and worthy cause, and don't worry about overwhelming me with astrology orders. That's my cosmic mission here and I'm paid well and love to dispense this Aquarian wisdom!

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