Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Inward Journey

The Inward Fire

There is a fire brewing within that we are afraid to unleash.
For we know its surge of creative power will wreck our lives.

But bleak is the landscape of the life ignorant of this burning well of desire.
I want to explore all those dark, unattainable places of the soul
that require a journey of a lifetime just to ripen.

In those secret fathomless depths, await the original seed images of my being,
thirsting for germination as the inward tide of consciousness stirs them to life.

When those seeds sprout, and the gods walk the earth again,
I will then be content with the march of time, surrendering to the rich merging with eternal presences at last.

* * * * *

Hello Faithful Cyber-Companions! It has been a while since I've posted much because I've just been chillin' in Chico, CA and bouncing around the Bay Area and Santa Cruz working on writing projects. When you live in a fixed location life becomes routine. I don't know if I like that or not. When you are traveling, you have some routines that don't change too, like waking up and riding your bike. But the scenery is always changing and that alone is a deep comfort to this soul. But sometimes we can get addicted to change for the sake of change. And sometimes we are called to take the journey inward so we can accomplish things in the inner planes of the mind. As you know, I've been working on my magnum opus astrological masterpiece that I call the Tao of Astrology. It will be finished this year, hopefully by fall, but not if I keep traveling.

Whilst working on the book, the muse has taken me on many side-treks for research that have been highly illuminating. Recently, whilst researching the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle, I got so caught up in comparing historical events to their alignment every 20 years that I spent the better part of 3 months fully engaged in study, and the conclusions came together in my first ever e-book called Elemental Wave Chronicles - The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle. You can order your own copy here!

What I learned is that history unfolds in these 8 dynamic Elemental Waves, both hybrid and pure, that together define an 800-year Elemental Epoch. During Fire Wave conjunction periods, there are Scientific Revolutions, massive land expansions, and charismatic new leaders and civilizations that arise like America. During Earth Waves there are population explosions, advances in production and trade, and Industrial Revolutions like the one we are emerging from right now in this hybrid Earth-Air 40-year period from 1981-2020, when the cycle goes to pure Air Sign meetings.

During the approximate 200-year Air Sign Waves there are Renaissances characterized by intellectual revitalization inspired by philosophy and science that fuel social, political and economic transformations. This is why the world is becoming more mental right now! We are entering a Renaissance period like never before, because this time it has the chance of going global, and that's an exciting piece of news. In the past, astrology always flourishes under these Air Sign Waves, like when the Hellenistic Greeks arose to create horoscopic astrology used for individuals around 220 BCE. During that time, when the ages were about to shift between Aries and Pisces Alexander united Greece with India and crafted a super-highway of intercultural exchange centered in Alexandria where the Great Library was built. This time is coming again starting in 2020 and we already have our World Wide Web super-freeway in place, born during the Libra Chronicle between 1981 and 2000!

During my research, I realized that the people who contributed great works of writing and teachings were always known by the place they worked in like Plato of Athens, Archimedes of Syracuse, Ptolomy of Alexandria, etc. I started wondering who I was as an emergent Renaissance man of this amazing period and realized that my favorite city in the world was Boulder, Colorado. I don't call it my Mecca for nothing! And then I realized that my best friend and fellow astrologer/computer software designer/Chi Gung healer Peter longed to live there too and suddenly I had this longing to get myself planted in Boulder where I could begin building the Great Pyramid of information that is coursing through my being with all these book and film projects that aim to inspire people to live their true paths of individuation and to rebirth astrology.

One night, while the New Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter was in my 4th House of Hearth and Family, I had a dream that there was a teaching/healing center in Boulder and that the building was based on the Zodiac. I woke up at 3 AM with this vision burning inside me and wondered if the Universe wanted me to build it! But my intuition urged me to do a Google I typed in Boulder CO, astrology, house....and several seconds later I'm staring at image of a house used for workshops called the StarHouse about 5 miles up Sunshine Canyon near Boulder!

I was like Wow! SO I clicked over to Orbitz and bought a flight home in an instant! I'm leaving an hour after Arian returns to his mom's for the summer on June 11th to go become Kelly of Boulder! I'll be shipping Magellan back. I thought about riding through the deserts of Nevada and Utah and was like "no thanks!" Does this mean my outer journeys will cease? For now, the journey is going inward. I told myself I wouldn't go on my European trek with a backpack until I completed my Great Work. It might take some time. So now, I'm just open to travel if money and time permit, but I'm radically altering my focus from the wandering locational-independent lifestyle. Do I feel bad about it? There is a little sadness, but not really, because the inward journeys are becoming so rich that no outer journey can even compare. The books and projects I'm working on are becoming entire nations and wildernesses that my inner fiery explorer is charting for humanity.

What will happen to this Traveling Magi blog? It will continue as a vivid story of what I am exploring in the inner landscape. My kid has fallen in love with Chico and the Chico Green School, and mostly wants to return here. Since I'm not very taken with the place after my first 6 month settling spree comes to a close, we'll see what happens next. He enjoys Boulder as well, so I asked him to go home to his mom's for the summer and think about having a semester out in Boulder again. If when he turns 16, and he still wants to continue at Chico Green School, the principle said she would take him in because he is "the exemplar of the kind of student they want representing their school." I love the school too. It's like a Harry Potter school of the future for amazing creative kids. Arian's history teacher asked me to come in and do a lecture last week on my new e-book about the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the kids loved it!

So if any of my friends and allies want to come to Boulder to help me create an Academy devoted to teaching metaphysics, astrology, creative arts, and healing arts, by all means join Peter and I in Boulder. We can get an amazing community house right downtown by Pearl Street and hike the Flatirons together! Peter is there now searching for us a cool place to live. It's kind of fitting that the outward journey is taking me back to where I began this quest to rethink my life. As I turned 40, a deeper conviction has set in, into my gut and in my heart, about what I'm about and how I want to spend the rest of this life teaching and inspiring people to contribute to the emerging Global Renaissance. In studying history, I noticed that during Air Waves, when Renaissance characters would emerge like Albertus Magnus, Imhotep, and King David, that they were always masters at multiple disciplines, polymaths of their times. Some of them had mastered 12 fields ranging from invention and architecture to music and mathematics. How are you developing your polymath potential?

As I contemplated the fields that impassioned me I saw the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as a template for these fields and began asking myself how I expressed each of these in my own life. Starting with Aries I realized I was a warrior-athlete, then a Vegan Chef-Naturalist, a Writer/Publisher, a Counselor-Father, an Independent Filmmaker, a Guide/Mentor/Technician, an artist of language as a multilingual lover of communication through fantasy novels and visionary poetry, an alchemist/researcher/psychologist, an enthusiastic Teacher/Philosopher/Speaker, an executive/consultant and CEO of Divine Inspiration, a pioneering Astrologer/Metaphysician/Mathematician, and a spiritual Mystic of the Unified Field. That's a lot of fields to be mastering in one individual, but I can say in full honesty that I'm passionate about every one of those fields!

So the main reason I'm canceling my wandering travels, to return to Boulder, is to focus all this potential into a beam of laser-like clarity where the great works can emerge. I'm still going to be a minimalist in terms of owning things. After living on a bike for four months I realized what I truly needed, and it's not much. Arian is excited about digging out the HD TV and hooking up a new X-box (I have to admit the new Madden football game looks way cool!) In fact, after five or six month in Chico, I've come to despise the way our dark sides emerge along with inharmonious habits when we live indoors. For instance, it's easy to get involved with writing and stay up all night when there is abundant electricity and indoor lighting. As a result, my lifestyle design project in Boulder is going to involve maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm waking up with the sun and spending time in nature, jogging up to the base of the Flatirons and eating healthy produce. So I'm excited about mastering my tendencies when living in one place and hope to inspire you to do the same so we can all become high quality expressions of our Visionary Selves!

I will still write about travels in this blog when they happen, and I have set such a powerful intention for wandering through Europe that it will most likely happen in another strange way. So stay tuned. But for now I'm preparing the middle chapters of the Tao of Astrology and focusing my consciousness on what kind of ideal teaching and writing lifestyle I want to craft in Boulder. Traveling Magi will become the blog where I present new ideas as they emerge and tell you about new projects. It seems fitting that the journey will end where it began. I think I'll add The Traveling Magi as another novel project indeed!

For those who truly want to help this Renaissance being in the journey, please subscribe to my Divine Inspiration Newsletter. Think of it as an investment and a kindness for $5 per month, basically the price of a Soy Chai, which I drink a lot of at coffee shops while writing! When I released my new e-book, my subscribers were the first to see it and got their copy free. Not only that, many of them helped me edit it into refined form with their email comments. So if you want to be part of my creative team and take me out for a chai tea once per month, I hope you will join.

When my plane touches down in Denver on June 11th, I mean to launch a silent revolution of consciousness with the construction of this pyramid of wisdom that I'm going to oversee. It's so exciting to be alive right now! What are you waiting for? The world needs the Renaissance version of you...


  1. Viva la revolution! Universe - help me get to Boulder! lol

    The inner universe is a never-ending fascinating adventure of discovery - and makes for a far-more interesting travelogue imo! Not that worldly travel isn't fascinating as well, only to the extent of what it reveals to us inwardly, and for expansion of understanding that takes place during the course of our worldly travels. I support and applaud your new direction and pray you always Walk in Beauty, wherever you may roam! The divine inspiration you share with us keeps me hangin on and walking one more step into the unknown (even at a snail's pace LOL!)

    May the Gods feed you honey!
    *big hugs and smiles for my brother*

    Jai Rama ॐ

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