Sunday, June 12, 2011

Return of a Magi

There and Back Again - A Magi's Tale

Yesterday I arrive in Boulder with the intention of moving into a cool new apartment with one of my spiritual brothers named Peter Roth on JUne 18th. Peter is a fellow astrologer, but is also adept at other arts like Chi gung and computer software design...but mostly he is just funny! I met Peter at an astrology conference in Atlanta back in 1998...and we have both visited each other on the West and East Coasts...but now we are meeting in the middle for some cosmic creativity.

A year ago on Father's day I left Boulder on a bike...and now I've returned. It feels quite amazing to be here with new eyes, open-broken heart, wounded arm (from being hit by a car), and ready to start from the emotional ground of being to simply be. Part of me wants to buy seaweed and roast it with sesame oil, sea salt and cayenne pepper and just focus on creative projects. Another part of me wants to build an astrological-friendly university, an academy of the ages.

Freed from my exile and painful, lonely imprisonment in Chico, CA where my son fell in love with the Chico Green School, I return to where the journey began, where my heart has always been for over three decades. My father picked me up at the airport and was glad to see that I was in better shape than he thought since getting hit by a car on my bike three weeks ago.

At an intersection in Chico the light turned green and a car honked loudly at me as I was wading through the stopped traffic. So I turned to look to see if the light had really turned green, and before I could look back my front tire coasted into the next lane where a car was suddenly bearing down on me at 25 miles per hour!

I squeezed the breaks hard but it was too late. The car struck the front of my bike and my left thigh collided with the mirror as I lowered my shoulder and took on the momentum of the car. Taking on a car with your shoulder is tough and hurts badly! It's a lot harder than facing one guy on a football field. Imagine being hit by five 300-pound offensive linemen at once, and you can imagine the pain that exploded through my shoulder that day. I went flying off the bike twirling through the air in circles and, due to my agile reflexes, landed on all fours like a cat in the next lane, scraping my palms in the process. My life's work on my computer went flying too, but was okay.

The guy says he didn't see me. I came out of nowhere. I get it. I wasn't interested in suing him or anything, just glad to be alive. If it was anybody's fault, it was the rude lady who honked and scared the you know what out of me. But I'm not interested in assigning blame. Like I said, just happy to be alive, although my creative plans for my last month in Chico were derailed.

After the accident, the ambulance crew wanted to take me to the hospital but I refused. I just wanted them to make sure nothing internal was badly damaged. It wasn't. Just a ton of pain! And the cop wanted to call me a cab, but I told him I just wanted to walk alone with Magellan (who of course rolled all wobbly because the forks were bent), and so I wandered across the street to Trader Joes, bought some seaweed snacks, clif bars, and ice cold root beers and checked myself into the Movie theater across the street to sit through Pirates of the Caribbean to take my mind of the sharp pain pounding in my shoulder like ten headaches. I placed the cold cans of root beer down my shirt on my shoulder and upper arm to help quell the pain. I knew I was going to need a lot of ice later. So much for my gym plans that day. Actually for two weeks!

The funny thing about it is that I was on my way to fax and notarize an apartment rental agreement back to Boulder to escape Chico and commit to becoming "Kelly of Boulder." I almost inadvertently became "Dead Kelly of Chico" instead. But my body is too stubborn to die for now. The ironic part is that during my 3200 mile trek, I never even came close to being hit by a car. But as soon as a settle in a town, BAM! The universe challenges me with this humbling experience. It makes you appreciate each moment and to get serious about what you're about. It would have been a bad joke for the Universe to take me out when there is still work yet to be done by this Renaissance being.

So there I was on my Saturn-Descendant line (a tough astrological place to be because it's so damn lonely and harsh), during my Saturn dasa (a long 18 year period in Vedic astrology where you establish mastery in your focus). Normally I'm not one to sulk, infused with so much confidence. But sometimes you need a dose of Saturnian harshness to make you stronger and bring you wisdom. "The deeper the sorrow is carved into your being, the more Joy you can contain," says poet Gibran. My sorrow for this world is like the Grand Canyon at this point with all the instituted confusion and suffering. All I can do at this point is BE...and love what I love and live as an example of heroic courage and inspiration.

My spiritual brother David Alexander English picked me up and took me to the airport. David has Capricorn Rising and is the embodiment of the Wise Elder archetype. It takes a Saturn figure to break a Saturnian connection. As if to emphasize the grip Chico had on my soul, we ran out of gas on the way to the airport! David's Volkswagen Van, which has spiritual words like Consciousness and COmpassion painted on the sides, has a broken gas gauge. We mistimed our gas stop by a few miles! While he called Triple-A, I told Arian to follow me. My intuition said that the farm house that we just passed had someone who could help. After wading through a pack of dogs diplomatically, I got a rice farmer to come out on his porch and asked him for help. He had use fueled and ready to go in about ten minutes. We would still make our flights on time...whew!

I slept in my old high school room last night in the furnished basement at my Dad's and Step-mom's place just outside Boulder. Arian and I parted ways at the Sacramento airport after David came through Chico on his way to the Rainbow Gathering in Washington State. It was fitting because only his Capricorn Rising, Saturn Governed earthy self was enough to break the intense gravity-field that was Chico. Don't get me wrong. Its a pleasant little college town, but it's not for me to live there. My son wants to continue going to school there, but that's his choice. I don't want to stand in the way of his destiny. I realized that that meant not seeing him for at least a year. Life flows on. He will thrive. Part of me feels like I've graduated parenthood with the arrival of Arian's mature self. He's already arranged for a full scholarship in Chico staying with an amazing woman named CJ and her genius son William, who is Arian's classmate. They will be fine companions on the path ahead, developing their mutual gifts. Thanks CJ for taking in my kid! I enjoyed playing board games with them.

So my first day in Boulder, I have a tradition of climbing the Chattaqua trail up tot he base of the Flatirons. Since my new spiritual brother Logan had just come out of an eleven day silence retreat in the mountains southwest of Boulder, we decided to meet up and I got to meet his good friend Peter. We both have good friends named Peter. For more on how I met Logan on the Winter Solstice Full Lunar Eclipse, check out the post where I spent the twelve days of x-mas in San Francisco.

Logan is an amazing being and a great spiritual healer. His friend Peter was an alchemist himself. We had chais together at Trident and then walked up Boulder Creek Bike Path by the river. It was serene and mystical as we talked abut life the universe and the path. Then Peter drove us up to the Flatirons base trail and we huffed and puffed and hiked up the sloping trail, the same one I trained to run up during football in college. I aim to master this fine art again in Boulder. We sat in meditation on a great rock together and insights surged into our fields of consciousness. I had the vision of coming to the rock there every Thursday, the day of Thor, also known as Jupiter's Day, so that will be my holy day to march up the mountain to sit with the muse of solid rock during this Saturn Dasa.

After we went out for amazing salads and met peter's wife and two kids (which both reminded me of Arian), they dropped me off at the location of Peter and I's new place. I wanted to just walk around and get an inner "feel" for the hood. I found that the doors to the Glenlake apartments were open after saying goodbye to Logan and Peter, and so I walked in looking for apartment 220, our new pad that we plan on making into a cafe-like den of cosmic creativity! I found the apartment at the end of a narrow hall and heard music playing beyond the door. Somebody still lived there until next Saturnday. I was delighted to see that our place was close by the swimming pool outside. I stood before the door and invoked the blessings of the spirit holding my hands before me palm outward aiming at the door.

It would have been funny if whoever lived there opened the door to see this big centaur beaming Reikan at them, divine inspiration. After that I went over to a nearby cafe and was not impressed. Peter says there's a better one around. But I checked our relocated charts and found tht perfect time to move in for both our charts was at 6:24 PM on Saturday when Sag was rising to activate my Jupiter-Neptune and Peter's's a most dynamic moment indeed! We need to break the plane of the threshold and be "born" into our new place at that moment! I laughed at the thought of us hugging and leaping through the doorway together!

So then I remembered that there was gym a block away called 24-hour fitness and that they had a steam room. In my new incarnation, I'm going to strive to awaken each day at 5 AM, drink tea, and head straight to the gym for a dynamic workout. Then I plan on being at my favorite writing spot (there may be many), by 9 AM...and work till I get hungry for dinner around 6 PM, head home, and be in bed by 9 PM. My acupuncturist says that each hour of sleep before Midnight is worth two after due to the powerful descent toward the Yin turning point. In other words, Midnight is like a New Moon and also begins the liver cleanse process. This way, I stay attuned to the life-giving Sun like on my bike trip, and also stay healthy and vital to be a pure lens for spirit.

So I walk into the gym and the young attendant there asked me to fill out a form for my 7-day free trial membership. And then she asked me to add my birthday, and I said jokingly, "I'm an Aquarius. What are you?" We got talking about astrology and she loves it. Next thing you know we are busting out my laptop to give her a mini free inspiring reading right there on the spot. Then her manager came out and he wanted one too! We were there for four hours interpreting charts for them and for another gym member who walked by and wanted hers. It was a glorious descent of the spirit right there at the front desk of gym. I told them of my intentions of teaching astrology and starting a new kind of educational academy in Boulder. They were all psyched and promised to spread the word about my vision and work. Afterward, the lady member and I went to work out. It felt bizarre working out at Midnight, and I didn't really get home till 3 AM! This made for a perfect moon entering my 12th house of sleep and dreams phase, because I got to sleep in at my dad's till 11 AM. Since there was no bus service to Lafayette ten miles out at 3 AM, the kind lady offered me a ride home!

The next morning I woke up and headed back to the bus stop. I saw a UPS truck go by and yearned for my bike Magellan to arrive! My right arm was tired of lugging around a loaded pannier and I preferred to ride my bike than bus any day. SO Logan was departing today, and I met him at Trident cafe, and we went out back into their garden and we took some atomic gold alchemical stuff he called Osrim or something. It looked like sperm. It was invented by Egyptians and was crafted from a gold atom. SO after getting properly drugged up, we went out ito to Boulder to raise some Heaven!

Logan was hungry so we hunted down some Thai food near Pearl Street Mall and checked the bus schedule for his departure to the airport. Recently, Logan had been thrown a curve ball by the universe, when he met an enlightened woman named Juliet in Santa Cruz. I met here briefly before leaving Chico, and she seemed very wise and powerful, and gorgeous to boot. Logan was in love, and he wanted me to do a Synastry chart between them. So I did. It was so powerful that in the middle of the reading when I told him that Juliet was the incarnation of Kali with her Moon conjunct PLuto in Scorpio (which Logan has a need for in his chart), that we looked at each other and mutually felt the spirit of life come over us. It started with me as I looked down at the chill bumps spreading over my right arm...and then they spread over my back and down the left arm and all the way down to my toes. I had never experienced a full body goose bump episode before, and when Logan saw me extend my goose-bump laden ams out, he began having the same experience, and tears welled up in my eyes and then his. It was as if the Goddess had appeared to bless my words..and both of us sat there laughing and crying intensely. It was such a magical threshold experience, and I feel so blessed to have been touched by the divine in his presence. He was indeed one of a few spiritual brothers who I can count on one hand's fingers.

After that, we took him over to the bus stop and I saw him off on his divine journey. Then I walked up Pearl Street and decided to have some tea at the Dashube Tea House....ordering a chai of course plus some brewed black tea called Russian Caravan. You could taste the spice carried by that Caravan across the silk road! After an hour or two of writing and opening my heart o spirit, I realized what needed to be done to teach in Boulder. I didn't need a building and a rich investor. My body was the building and nature was the classroom. I would begin teaching those who yearned to lean and just watch the miraculous wave grow in strength. I had a vision of inviting my five spiritual brothers and five spiritual sisters to Boulder to teach a week-long workshop on awakening and astrology. That would be awesome! My friend Hadley could design us a cool website. We could have a great time together teaching....

I would bring it up at the gathering of astrologers at the Astrology Salon next Sunday. A local Boulder astrologer named Melody invited several of us to join together with the Moon in Aquarius next Sunday the 19th, a day after Peter and I move into our new place, and exactly the same day I left (Father's Day) on my epic bike trip a year ago.

After having tea I decided it was time to seek out a cafe with Internet to write this. I ran into Carrie the Knitter who I knew from Asheville,a nd she directed me to her new hangout called OZO on Pearl Street, and gave me a card for a free drink! Of course I ordered a Bahkti Chai. But before going in, I remembered that my musical genius friend with amazing pipes named Lea, who had followed my blog and whom I met before when I was in Boulder, was playing music at Saxy's cafe around the corner. So I walked in and she was sitting there with her back to the door and I slowly walked around her, and she slowly raised her head, and then her face exploded with surprise and she jumped up and hugged me deeply. She and her other musician friend named Steve were writng their set list. I just wanted to say a quick hello and tell her I was back, for good! She was happy and I loved to see her glowing magical Leo-Pisec face.

So here I am back in Boulder...ready to devote myself to the great work of inspiration during a time when the world as we know it is collapsing and the dawn of the Global Renaissance of 2020 and beyond is in sight...nine short years. I think I can build an amazing academy in nine years. Anyone out there who is inspired has an open invitation to help in any way they can! Let's rebirth this world with the pure enlightenment of consciousness by teaching people to become whole, to find their unique archetypal synthesis so they can give the gift of their authenticity to the world!


  1. love it and love you dear one. Thank so much for being you, all the way, all the time. I am sending you bountiful blessings in this new phase of life.

  2. Love the weeklong academy idea
    Wouldlove to share a workshop on the new I Ching Lunar Oracle Calendar and it's relationship with the evolving 2012 myth...also the sacred geometry of astrology...

  3. Awesome. The academy is a great idea.

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