Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tsunami with Your Chai?

My new friend Jason (who reminds me of my own brother Jason - both born in 1973) tugged on my shoulder and woke me up.

"Kelly, we've got to go! There's been a massive earthquake in Japan and a tsunami is coming this way. We've got to get up to higher ground."

It's not the best way to be woken up in the morning. Suddenly you're laying there in that warm slumbery coziness of pre-dawn wondering if you're going to die unless you get a move on. The memorized comfy self wants to just boil some water and make a mug of steaming chai with soy vanilla creamer, but the universe wants to toss in a tsunami! And part of you is wondering if you are ready to die. And part of you wants to die, thinks it's the key to space travel, but you've realized that you already did that to get here, so you figure you'll hang around and see why you came here despite the needless suffering around, including earthquakes.

Maybe the planet is waking up and letting us have it at last? Maybe we deserve to suffer for paving over woodlands and ecosystems with skyscrapers and gravel and death. Maybe I'll jus tlie here and withstand a tsunami...

"How much time do I have?" I asked. He smiled and said, "It strikes at 8 AM, but we should get going."

"Good!" I said. "Then I have time for a shower at least."

So I took a nice hot long shower as he packed up supplies in his truck. Who knows? We might be on the mountain for a while. When we rode up out of Santa Cruz, we came to the top of a beautiful scenic mountain top overlooking the city and the ocean in the distance. We ate some Clif bars and talked about pyramid power and earth energy fields. We sat there on the apex for a while just talking interlaced with moments of silence, waiting for our impending doom.

Then we went back to the truck to see many other vehicles pouring into the parking lots to escape the disaster. I noticed Jason had tons of frisbee golf discs and there was a 27 hole frisbee golf course right there. "We should play!" I said. And so we did. We played a friendly game of frisbee golf while waiting for our impending doom. So nice to relax when possible certain death is coming your way. I wondered if I could be this relaxed if kidnappers held a gun to my head. I was pretty certain I could be, but you never know. When you see through this world's empty endless cycle of craving and suffering, you kind of start to look forward to death. Like old people on their last leg who just want to take one final breath and say goodbye. There body's are tired and ready to let go. What's wrong with me then? My body is strong and fit, despite a few adventurous scars. My heart is the part of me that's weary of this world.

I see homeless people struggling on the streets to stay warm and fed and people with homes struggling beneath mountains of bills and useless possessions that distract them form their true gifts. The planet Uranus just entered Aries, I thought. The planet of revolution and change has once again returned to the first degree of the Zodiac. Astrologers think this must be a volatile time indeed in the sign of the warrior. I wondered? What happened the last time uranus was in Aries in the Roaring Twenties? The birth of television and atomic energy...Hmmm.

Two weeks later I completed this article about it called Pioneering a Revolution: Enjoy!


  1. Yeah I heard this wave landed in Crescent City and swept someone out to sea - did you see the earthquakes and such in the last 2-3 weeks? CRAZY stuff Kelly -

  2. Indeed, crazy times:

    Cosmic Weather Podcast: Aries New Moon!

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