Saturday, June 12, 2010

Winter Storms in Wyoming

Gemini New Moon - The Trickster

I wanted to leave under this New Moon, but it ain't going to happen. I have tons of video footage to download for my new astrological documentary on chart interpretation called Astrology Demystified. I have several charts to record and send off! I have my website to launch. I still have to send my son's possessions to heavy boxes going to Dauphin Island in the Gulf Coast where they are surrounded by oil. And I still have another five years of writings to digitize and upload to, the file storage website. Among other things, there's a winter storm watch on for central Wyoming!

I relish the moment when I actually head down the road, but I don't want to head into a Winter Snow Storm in late Spring. Even the hosts I'm staying with at my first stop in Laramie, WY called this morning and suggested I wait.

In the mean time, I'll be downloading video and taking pictures of everything I'm bringing along for the journey. Look for a new link on the website soon that says GEAR. I'll post pics of all that I'm carrying just so you will know! I hope to get my worldly possessions that are with me down to less than 51 "things" or sets of things like "socks". We don't need to get technical now! Although, technically, I do have a 5 foot by ten foot storage locker a mile from my mom's new apartment in Loveland Colorado, but it's mostly loaded with books and bookshelves, which I'm planning to replace on my I-pad by the time I ever return. I've already downloaded a lot!

In addition, my whole computing life has shifted as I made the switch to MAC at last. You know what they say...Once you go MAC, you'll never go back! I was able to not only get the coolest 13" MACbook Pro on the planet, but also purchase and install the Adobe CS5 Master Collection for MAC, about 15 programs that will blow your mind! Thanks to those who sent donations during these rugged financial times. You've demonstrated great faith in me and I aim to please with this journey! Anything you see created on TV or in print was most likely created on one of these cool programs. Photoshop, Illustrator, Priemere Pro, After Effects, Indesign, Soundbooth, etc.

In addition, the new Indesign adobe program for laying out books is capable of creating e-books in the epub format like on the I-pad with the turnable digital pages. The books I'll be writing will of course come out in holdable form, but I will also be creating them in electronic downloadable form. So be excited, because I finally get to share 18 years of contemplation! Woo hoo!

Right now as I'm typing this I have my Macbook Pro set up next to my I-pad and they are both linked together in Dual Moniter flow thanks to the Air Supply App I downloaded for $10 that allows you to use your I-pad a s a dual monitor with a MAC, essentially doubling your creative screen space! I also have my $5000 HDV camcorder plugged into the MAC and I'm downloading a five hour presentation by Richard Tarnas, author of Cosmos & Psyche as well as Passion of the Western Mind, which was the first thing I ever filmed when I got my new camera. No one has ever seen this footage yet! Not even me. I just left them in my closet for three years waiting to one day get to it. You can thank Jozef Slanda (the musician for Return of the Magi) for lighting a fire under my arse about it. He really really really wants to see this archetypal workshop that Rick does about music and astrology. It will be up soon for your edification on AstrologyIlluminated.TV but I might ask for a donation because it's a lot of frickin' hard work when all I want to do is ride ride ride!

Life the Universe and Renewal

In other news I feel like a new being with a new lease on life. I even finally upgraded my Solar Fire astrology program from Astrolabe to Gold 7! Turns out you're supposed to be able to print a calendar out that list all your pertinent transits and progressions by date! How cool is that. If it's email-able I'm sure I can send calendars to people!

In addition, I got Windows 7 which I can run on MAC through a process called Virtualization, using another program called Parallels. Awesome! Because I have a lot of cool Windows programs that I would love to take on the journey (yes some games too!) I might get lonely at an internet pub in the middle of Wyoming surrounded by cowboys...LOL

I also installed the Windows 7 on the supercomputer that I used to make Return of the Magi on, which is a good thing because it has crashed three times in three years. I think it was too big for its own britches after I bought the futuristic works for it spending over $9,000 on it. Windows XP just could not handle the technology. Windows 7 looks amazing on it. I've never looked into a monitor before and said "Wow!" well until I unpacked the Mac Book Pro the other day. But hey, that's two Wows in two days. Visions abound!

So enjoy the Gemini New Moon centered on reading, writing, learning, speaking, listening, networking, and finding solutions, because this will be a fine one to remember. I love Jupiter and Uranus in the sky together, they look so cool on all three of my astronomy app on I-pad!

The New Layout

I hope you like the new layout for the blog with the maps. I don't really like the brown color, what has brown done for me lately? Oh yeah, the UPS just delivered my new computer from Shanghai, China. So in honor of that we're goin' brown baby! Brown with olde world maps indeed!


  1. Brown is a grounding and protecting energy that keeps you safe. Think Mother Earth :)

  2. I switched to Mac this year too. I love it:)

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