Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Fires of Inspiration are Stoked

Jupiter in Aries - Renewing the Struggles of Ancient Times

Today the planet Jupiter entered the first degree of the Tropical Zodiac, the living evolving Zodiac that takes its beginning point in the heavens from the place the Sun crosses during the Spring Equinox. Jupiter is the planet of philosophy, religion, culture, and divine inspiration and Aries is the archetype of the Dare-Devil, Warrior, Leader, Pioneer, and Hero. Fire upon Fire can lead to conflict or major uplifting!

The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that everyone's plans had changed. Whatever they planned yesterday was off, it was time for action and adventure. I noticed some heated attacks against astrology appearing on some of my AstrologyIlluminated.TV Youtube channel. People are insisting that astrology has been debunked and is some old superstition and that it's a load of crap. It reminded me of Han Solo telling Obi Wan "I can't believe you subscribe to that ancient superstition. No cosmic force controls my destiny." My responses?

First to the Cicero argument about how could a bunch of soldiers die in battle the same day with different horoscopes?

Astrology has not been debunked, otherwise why would millions of souls find inspiration and meaning through using it. Those soldiers who died were serving as part of a nation, and that nation had a birth chart, and astrology has a field of knowledge now to deal with the charts and destinies of nations called Mundane Astrology. Makes me realize that you forgo pieces of your own chart and its magical destiny when you sign up to play a role as an agent of a nation or institution.

What force could possibly influence our lives from the planets and stars? The biggest force at the distances we are talking about is the gravitational force from our own Sun. Then how could those forces, once identified, control human destiny? This is just nonsense.

Gravitation is a mere servant of the Consciousness that pervades the universe. Consciousness is the FORCE, the Unified Force, that allowed you to make that post and think those thoughts, even if they are full of error and ignorance. Obviously you have not experienced the magic of a professional astrological consultation. If you did, your close-mindedness masquerading as culturally-indoctrinated skepticism would rethink it's position...

Also, astrology is part science (orbits, cycles, etc) and part mythic art (mythology, archetypes, character expressions, etc) so it's really a hybrid field of knowledge that stretches back to the first stargazers, and as an art it is rather unintelligent to say that an art form cannot be "proved" Who asks if you can prove painting or music? 

The proof lies in the inspiration and contact with the numinous that one derives from the art, and astrology has inspired me and millions of others in a major way. You should be posting this drivel on religious websites, at least astrologers honor and utilize science... I think you just have it out for astrology.

Astrology relies on a geocentric view of the solar system and cosmos. So if you don't believe the sun orbits the Earth surely you have to call shenanigans on this fraudulent bunkum.

Actually astrology relies on a perspective centered in the consciousness of the individual whose birth chart is being interpreted, a relativistic view of the solar system based on the sensitive dependence of initial conditions defining the first moment of life. Relativity trumps mechanistic thinking again...

The same Western thinking rationalists keep launching the same old attacks trying to influence mass opinion against astrology as defenders of the cult of objectivity. Let me see you write an equation for thought forms, emotions, archetypes, spiritual essence, and then we can talk about metaphysics. As Jung put it, Astrology contains within its symbolism all the ancient world's psychology.

Quest of the Magi

A loyal listener to the Cosmic Weather Astrology Podcast named Shannon contacted me last night. She lives in Wyoming in Cheyenne, near the first stop on my Traveling Magi adventure. I've decided to depart under the next New Moon in Gemini because it falls on My Moon sign and in my 7th House, which means the next six months will be blessed with many encounters with amazing people! She is one of these amazing people. She is due to have her first child tomorrow or the next day! She wants me to do an astrology reading of the child's destiny when I travel through Laramie.

What an opportunity to express my astrological gift as a true Magi. I told her I could bring some Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh as well if she'd like. Maybe she is birthing the next female Messiah of the Aquarian dispensation? Who knows? I actually have some Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh in my storage locker, given to me by a fellow Magian from Canada on my journey to Toronto as a gift.

I feel deeply honored to interpret this child's horoscope. I might have to name my bike "Camel"...LOL Shannon had some basic names picked out but I told her that most parents unconsciously give their children names that match the vibration of their Ascendants and the ruling planet of the Rising Sign, so I suggested she just wait till after the child is born. She liked this idea a lot!

Here's a poem I wrote about the Magi called Quest of the Magi.

Inspiration in the Symbol of Adventure

With Jupiter's inspiration working from the Sign of Aries, which is really a symbol of Heroic Adventure and cultivation of Courage through Action, we all need to evolve our wills toward courage, and have faith in the images that reside in our hearts. Yesterday I put my Seven Sacred Days Weekly Calendar in my I-pad Calendar.

I always wondered why the days are ordered in such a random way: Saturday (Saturn), Sunday (Sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars Day as in Martes: Tues was the Norse God of War), Wednesday (Mercury as in Mercioles, Woden was the Norse God of wisdom), Thursday (Jupiter Day as in Jueves Jupiter and Thor like Thunder!), and Friday (Venus day as in Vendredi or the Norse Goddess Freya). Why that specific order to the days? The answer lies in Planetary Hours. When the Sun rises on a given day, the first "hour" after sunset is called the hour of the day, so the Saturn hour begins Saturday at sunrise. Then the hours follow in the ancient order of ascending speed, so Jupiter hour follows Saturn hour, then Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. Turns out that these hours are powerful for enacting a planetary energy. So if you want inspiration, choose a Jupiter hour. If you want to organize something, choose a Saturn hour. It will flow easier. I've tested this and it is amazing!

There's a new astrology App for the I-pad that included the Planetary Hours called Astrolgo. I began writing this blog post during the hour of the Sun and finished during the hour of Venus, and posted it during the Hour of Mercury!

So why does Sunday follow Saturday and so on? Well if you track the cycle of these Planetary Hours around for twenty four hours starting from Saturn hour, the first hour of Saturday, the next morning begins with the hour of the Sun, so the Sun blesses the day, and Sun-day follows Saturn-day. This continues through the week until after seven days the first hour is once again Saturn hour and we have Saturn day again. Amazing!

Astrology's Value

Even if one does not practice astrology as an art form of poetic inspiration, it should be honored as a study at universities due to the sheer amount of cultural inspiration and education contained within its body of knowledge. Even our language is permeated by astrological symbolism. The word Consideration means to be together with the stars. The word disaster means to be without the guidance of the stars. There are numerous examples of this in linguistics. Kepler, Galileo, and Copernicus, and Newton, the fathers of modern astronomy, got paid to charts for royalty. They were practitioners of this mystic science and they would be highly dismayed with the direction things went with the so-called Enlightenment. We needed the Enlightenment to break the political power of the fake Salvation Religions, but I think we went to extreme with it, denying all spiritual, extra-dimensional realities.

But instead astrology is cast out of the universities, deemed a pile of superstition just because its magical world view threatens both the established religion of Science as well as the Salvation religions that bastardized the great mythic themes of the Piscean Age, seeking to deify the martyr syndrome. Give us a cut of your income and you can come to our club and compare clothing styles, as George Carland so aptly put it.

As a Magi I know it's my responsibility to travel and teach these truths, but I have to admit that there is a voice in my soul that whispers "Let them suffer in their ignorance...Let them fight their petty wars and struggle with mediocrity...let the this world sink deeper into the Shadow realms and be destroyed. Then I hear the call of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings before the Black Gate: "A Day may come when the world of men falls, but it is not this day! This day we fight!"

We fight for consciousness, we struggle to shed light in a world that abhors truth and worships illusions and fear masquerading as reality and security. This day, with Jupiter in Aries as my witness, I choose to fight for a new world. I choose to dedicate my life to dissemination of the truth of astrology as a language of cosmic consciousness even against the wolves of close-mindedness. The internet is here as a seminal advance like writing before, during the Age of Gemini. It will serve us to reach those who would grasp the essential meaning of life! We will not be suppressed as custodians of the sacred wisdom that will bring in the Aquarian Age!


  1. Comment came via email from David Berkson, a fellow Traveling Magi who is in China these days:

    "Man you are on fire. enjoy this quiet and aloneness time. much wisdom you will find."

    Thanks David. You are a true inspiration to me!

  2. Love the ascendant relationship to a name! I have Gemini rising, Jupiter on the ascendant and Mercury in Leo in the third house and my name is Wendy. Very Peter Panish and Tinkerbell too. So Wendy is perfect name sake for me.

    Wendy told stories (Gemini) to the lost boys of Neverland (12th house and magic=Leo and Mercury) with her heart, and she loved them (Leo=children). There's more to it than that, but in terms of Ascendant and name, my parents chose the perfect fit:)

  3. Thanks for posting that Wendy, an authentic name indeed!

    My name is Kelly (Great warrior, servant of the king) Lee (of the Forest) Phipps (From Philip in the Greek, Lover of horses) I am the great warrior lover of horses from the forest, and I have Sagittarius Rising with Jupiter conjunct Mars in Sag in the mystical 12th... and I write fantasy novels with centaurs who live in the woods!

    It's truly amazing!

  4. You are definitely flying to new heights even if it is on your bike, Soar Kelly, Soar. The Journey
    is On.

  5. Nice post Kelly, and awaiting your arrival in Western MT when it happens!

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