Sunday, May 23, 2010

Electricity & Thunder Rising

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

This week we'll be experiencing a Full Moon in Sagittarius the archetype of journeys, education, and spiritual quests for enlightenment, and this is the week I'm finally finished releasing my possessions (most of them anyway) storing the rest (I've reduced it down to a 5' by 10' storage locker, and heading north on my first leg of the adventures of this celestial characterologist. One of my colleagues (and favorite astrologers Greg Bogart sent out this email today:

"Sunday I watched the sunrise, gazing into its bright orb over the ocean at Amagansett, gulls flapping over open waters. Uranus in last degree of Pisces a time of endings completions spiritual wholeness reconciliation. Breathe surrender let go this is how it all needs to be. Then feel June’s windthunderlightning of UranusJupiter in Aries. Like mighty Thor, conjure Aries will power intention strength & power of the individual. Rise up inspirited by Jupiter-Uranus energy surge. All the current you need is available, feel it pouring through you."

Do you feel the coming storm in your life? I certainly do. Folks, it's time to do it! It's time to launch the best adventure of your life with those planets transiting into Aries as the Full Moon strikes Sagittarius in your chart (which is the most sensitive area of my chart, my Ascendant, representing ME).

Ebay Merchant Adventures

I guess in a way I've always been a Merchant selling chart interpretations and educational materials, but I've never felt like a Merchant until now due to my Ebay adventures. I've always thought of my own business as selling inspiration. People have asked me what I do for a living, and I've been known to say "I'm an Inspiration!" I do so many different things, being so mutable, that it's hard to be characterized as one thing. At the core I'm a scholar of character, a characterologist, one who studies character and its evolution through time. Since I'm also an astrolgoer and inspired by the cosmos, I describe my job as being a celestial characterologist. That seems large enough to encompass what I do including writing fantasy novels, designing fantasy worlds, creating role-playing game systems, designing board games, making inspirational films/video, writing books on metaphysics and astrology, etc.

But lately I've felt like just an ordinary old Merchant plain and simple. Since I started selling collectible miniature figures that I used for games over the last seven years, plus selling books for games, I've made over $8000! I've been spending a lot of time at the post office. I love when the Ebay auctions come down to the wire and that last minute your bidders press the charge button and the price jumps by like $75. What a cool way to experience and perform Mercantilism. We've come along way since the Phoenicians would ply there trades throughout the Mediterranean, inventing writing to facilitate trade. We owe a lot to trade as a civilization!

The hard part about letting go of stuff you value is packing it up and realizing you'll never get to read that cool book again or place that cool dragon on the table for your players to fight. One way I've dealt with this is to keep telling myself that I will rebuild my library digitally through my new i-pad, which has yet to come. I've had some logistical conflicts trying to order one plus some shabby customer service. Mainly because the Apple store is a madhouse right now. People are lining up outside the store whenever a new shipment of i-pads comes in ready to throw money at Apple for a crack at this new technology. So I sent a critical email to Steve Jobs and he actually got it! Within 24 hours, I had Store Managers calling me with apologies and willing to set things straight so that I would continue my epic switch to a Mac!

Inventions that Will Change the World

Now I've been talking about the new inventions that will come out in 2010 that will change the world forever since May 2000 when the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn shifted the culture with that famous alignment in Taurus the sign of stuff and resources. Remember the Y2K scare? It took several years (namely when Jupiter reached the sign of its depression/fall in Capricorn in 2008) until the economy actually did collapse. But we dealt with it, and now everybody is simplifying their lives and buying i-pads. Now Jupiter is 180 degrees away from Saturn, an opposition, striving to express the flowering of what the cycle is all about, the last Earth Sign conjunction that signals the end of the Industrial Age. Anything that comes out this summer is going to jam! This is one reason I've decided to buy an i-pad and start collecting a digital library! Those Apple people must know some astrology for such an epic release date. (I would have waited till the summer myself)

I mean, during the last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (1997) (which always brings scientific breakthroughs and new inventions) an unknown author who used to write her stories on napkins published a little cute fantasy novel for kids called Harry Potter. Now she has more money than the government of the country she lives in! And they told me to stop dreaming of fantasy worlds. The age of gatekeepers is ending as long as you become the keeper of your own gate. I incidentally published my first astrology book, Celestial Renaissance during the same year.

So what clutter do you have just mucking up your space that you could stand to trade for cash on Ebay to fund your dreams? I still have a lot of stuff, three computers, cases of Return of the Magi DVDs and Brazenwood novels (I probably won't be warehousing any products I create in the future due to my unrestricted mobility lifestyle design choice) my astrological library (which I plan to replicate on my i-pad with ebooks by the time I return,if enough astrologers will go digital!

I'm already bored with being a Merchant. I felt that feeling of monotony creep in when I was sending more stuff away at the post office yesterday. I'm not wired for monotony, which is why I never lasted in any "normal" job for more than 6 months. Heck, if I made it six months that was an accomplishment. I've made six months working any job into a ritual of revolution. If I've been at any job, including my own self-directed creative projects, for six months, I ritually fire myself. If I'm at a job I practice Aquarian rebellious tendencies and walk out. If I'm working on a creative project, I switch to another project. I always cycle back around to old projects, each time pushing the ball a little further down the field until I score a touchdown and complete the project. I've made a life of experiencing release and return with my creativity, mainly because I have Ceres the asteroid goddess who symbolizes release and return personified by her release of Persephone into the underworld. Sometimes creative projects need to brew in your own underdark, down in the depths of murky soil/soul where seeds tend to germinate and sprout for a new season of creativity.

The Seeds are Sprouting

With oil spills that are awakening humanitarian concern for the environment, reflected in the heavens by the Saturn (Big Oil Companies, and the land borders/boundaries of our nation) quincunx (Seemingly irreconcilable differences requiring major adjustments and ingenuity) to Neptune (The Sea/Oil). So oil is washing up on the shores and destroying the environment! And Oil companies are trying to cover up the damage but it's too late while governments watch in dismay, but no one has found the ingenious solution yet. Maybe we're waiting for the flash of insight under the New Moon in Sag as 50,000 barrels a day spill into the sea.

Maybe this will force us to change our ways and really leave the industrial age behind for good? Maybe it takes an ecological disaster to slap an oil-addicted culture in the face hard so that under that kind of pressure humanity rises to meet the hour and invents something or some solution that will set things right. The crude darkness of oil in spreading across the sea, threatening to eat away the coastline with its toxicity and its stench.

Humans are designed to adapt under pressure. Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the oil age. I've been riding my new bike around town practicing for the journey ahead and whenever I drive by a gas station I feel a true sense of Aquarian liberation to know that I will be providing most of my own fuel on the eternal magi mystery bike tour (except for plane rides across oceans). While most people are filling up their vehicles at the pump, I will be looking for healthy snacks.

I'm not to excited about the fare most gas stations offer, but at least they have water, nuts, and some occasional fruit and healthy energy drinks! My main problem will be with going to the bathroom. For vegans, your digestive system is so clean that when you eat, it comes right out the other end in about 30 minutes or less! There's none of this 8 hours of digestion to break animal protein down so that it's actually useful to the human body. So I guess I have to get to a gas station and pig out and wait thirty minutes before I get back in the saddle! Oh well!

Anyway, enjoy the Full Moon in the sign of the Gypsy and the Jupiter-Uranus culture shaking transit as well. Uranus moves into Aries where it hasn't tread for 84 years on May 27th followed by Jupiter on June 6th. I'm waiting till after June 6th to head through the gate and start pedaling north. I won't be pedaling my wares anymore, I'll be pedaling toward inner freedom and a life of adventure!


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