Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Magi Rides Again!!!

The Journey Continues

I arrived in Nelson BC the day after the Full Moon in Aquarius and I left yesterday a day after the New Moon in Leo, a full 14 days of rest and recuperation and 118 miles of riding while in and around Nelson. The photo there is a view outside the window in the corner of the Dock and Duck Tavern at the ferry in Balfour on the edge of Kootenay Lake where I was able to catch up on all my astrology charts that people ordered over the last three weeks.

The first week I spent at the Nelson campground where I encountered the magical being of my desire, ALisha Michell, who is a female Magi of my caliber and whom I've had the opportunity to share some amazing and loving moments with. In fact, the second week of my time in Nelson, she was able to finally move into a beach apartment about five miles from the ferry. We shared the most amazing connection and meeting of minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits possible, and yet the timing was off. She has had some intense transits with Pluto crossing her moon (death and rebirth of the soul) and Saturn square her moon (the need for solitude and aloneness and a little depression) which are the same transits Christina was undergoing over the last year as well back in North Carolina. I thought I recognized the same movie playing out in Alisha that I saw in Christina.

At first, we were both amazed by our connection. We talked about going back to her favorite place in Washington called Redmond and joining forces as parents and astrologers thriving in a lively community. But after spending some quality time together we realized that we needed time to think about it. I'm used to giving up my dreams to go be with a woman where she wants to go (my last two wives come to mind) and I always end up depressed and wanting to die or leave! So this time before I just throw in my lot with another, I'm committed to finishing the journey I began as the Traveling Magi. I will continue my dream.

I left yesterday instead of on the 20th when I originally wanted to because ALisha was really needing some alone time to heal after moving so much and so often and going through a nasty divorce. I'm grateful that Christina and I were able to part in peace and I will always love that girl. In fact, today I'm riding south after I post this from Castlegar, Canada right by a lake called Christina Lake on my way to Grand Forks where I plan to re-enter the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Love can be a complicated thing for sure. You heart swells with emotion for this other being and it makes you crazy! It is a drug for real, but a beautiful one that tricks us into latching onto each other to continue the evolutionary imperative of bringing spirits into bodily form. I think I'd rather make sure that this bodily form is living its full potential before I invite another soul in who needs my love and support. I felt a little strange inside about being around Alisha's six year old daughter Ammalia because part of me doesn't want to go back to that stage of child training after Arian, my son, has reached his Saturn Opposition at 15 and is capable of being his own adult now as his mother and I planned. I don't want to interfere with someone else's strategy for child rearing either, especially with a jealous ex-husband in the wings who still claims that Alisha is HIS woman and that his love is undying and passionate for her and that it hurts him that we are together.

I don't want to be a target for that kind of wrath, as I've got better ways to spend my precious days on this planet besides fighting over a woman. And long ago when a girl came between me and my best friend and ruined our relationship as bros, I vowed to never fight over the love with a woman again with a brother. There's just too many amazing fish in the sea to enter poverty consciousness. But once in a while you meet someone like ALisha where all levels are clicking like never before, and that my friends is the big dilemma I contend with in my heart.

Anyway, on another note I'm excited that Arian is flying into Seattle on August 29th, and that I'm riding to meet him as fast as I can, even though I have plenty of time to get there. I've contacted several friends and colleagues in the Seattle area (Where's Peter when you need him? Oh, he moved to Colorado partially so we could be together....ooops!) I guess I'll have to eat enough vegan buffet at Araya's Thai restaurant in the University District for the both of us! So Arian is flying into Seattle on the night of the 29th. I'll be there to receive him at 11:30 PM that night after he has spent the day riding three planes from Mobile Alabama, starting his journey that morning on Dauphin Isle in the gulf surrounded by oil.

Do you see the dilemma here? Arian is coming to join me and at first he was going to join ALisha and me in Redmond and go to school there. But now that Alisha and I have decided to take a deep breath and just think about such a quick and faithful move, I'm back to being the Traveling Magi and headed down the Pacific Coast scenic 101 route, which I heard form many cyclists is the best ride in the world with tailwinds the whole way going south! So there we will be at the airport at 11:30 PM, midnight closing in. My bike Magellan will probably be parked at a friend's house, maybe on an island or the Olympic Peninsula somewhere, and my task is to get the kid outfitted for the journey ahead to San Francisco and possibly Hawaii if we can scrape together the funds.

Part of me feels bad that I'm depriving him of his first semester in high school somewhere, and another part of me feels proud that I'm depriving him of his first semester of high school somewhere. I've been through that system and know it's a babysitting job. You can learn more on your own and follow your own interests to the core. Arian is already smarter and more mature than most high school students anyway. And he's found his passions in Archery and Music. He is also a great poet, dancer, artist, and advisor. He would be a boon to any company right now and improve their work. Not that I want him to sign up for corporate slavery or anything like that. I want him to follow his talent and learn music from teachers wherever we go and live his passion. We can homeschool and get the algebra and history and the rest of it on the road, as he has an I-pad too and I plan on downloading lots of educational apps for the journey ahead. Audio Books for the I-pod anyone?

Meanwhile, we still need to outfit him with a touring bike like Magellan, some panniers, and other cycling gear like water bottles, cycling shorts, etc. So here is where I'm putting out the call to donational arms once again. Cause all that gear is going to cost about $1000 and I'm sitting on about $500 right now, and we still need to eat and pay for the occasional campground and chai at the internet cafe so I can write the blog and work on books and movies! So who wants to see the little Magi join his father in an amazing quest down the 101 that will knock the socks off him sitting in a classroom with a bunch of puberty-stricken teens being taught to follow orders and spit out meaningless facts on soul degrading exams? You can make donations right on the home page of the Traveling Magi website or better yet you can order a chart at my astrology website DIvine Inspiration Astrology, as I don't mind working for a living by delivering you an mp3 interpretation from a random Internet cafe that will blow your heart and mind wide open into the cosmic field of vision!

I hope to visit the bike store in Seattle ready to drop some serious cash on outfitting the Arian Brazenwood, hero of the elves!
In the meantime, I ride south and then west my friends, my heart uplifted from my time with ALisha and a little broken, because I never really felt welcome till the day before I left, when she told me that she needed alone time to heal, and wanted me to leave! Doh! It happens, and I honor where she's at in her process. Maybe I go to fast for my own good and need to take some time to honor my healing process before I dive into the deep tricky waters of love again too? I will think about Christina as I ride by her lake today in Canada, maybe I'll stop my bike and dive into the lake and feel her spirit from afar. I still love that beautiful plant-whispering soul despite our transition. Hopefully by tonight I'll re-enter the good ole US of A and find a decent campsite with wi-fi. Then it's down the 21 over to Highway 2 and on through the Cascades to the Emerald City of Seattle. I would love to take Arian up the Space Needle while we're there, but we'll see what happens! I told him I'd take him there one day when he was little.

For this day, I load my bike, I don my gear, I prepare to sweat and struggle up hills against the wind, my old friend. I embrace it all now with an open heart. The Traveling Magi rides again!


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  2. I would like to see Arian roll'in down the 101, I'd send money, but I'm saving up mt 39 cents for the local 50 cent soda machine

  3. REI home and flagship store in Seattle, with lots of bikes and the best return policy in the business. Still working on getting Arian in good shape.

  4. Cool David, get him riding hard and get him out in the sun burned good so the sun won't bother him... I'm going to start researching educational apps for ninth grade subjects, and look for bikes on Craigslist too in the Seattle area. My friend Kriss lives right near the airport and she offered me a place to stay and collect Arian, so I think once we get him outfitted, our first leg will be north actually to see my friend in Port Ludlow near Port Townshend...the adventure continues!

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