Monday, August 2, 2010

Feelin' the Universal Love

Crystallizing Romantic Visions

When Alisha finally showed up at the Nelson Campsite, I was talking to some travelers situated at a picnic table, feeling the universal flow of humanitarian energy under the Aquarius Full Moon vibe. Back in February, I saw that the new moon was in Alisha's 7th house of companionship and asked her to plant a seed for love then, and maybe we would grow into something down the line 6 months later when the Full Moon showed up in her field of love. Little did I know, that I would be delivering myself to Canada on a bicycle 1435 strenuous miles under that exact flowering of seed potential! I saw her walking toward us wearing one of those little caps looking perfectly compact and sexy in a pair of jeans and some stylish combat boots. I excused myself from the table and went to her, hugging her deeply for the first time ever. We tried to keep it cool and just talk, but we had built such a charge of love and admiration between us over the last 6 months, that we kept giggling like teenagers and just hugging. Then in the middle of saying something she hugged me and lifted her shapely mouth to mine and started kissing me passionately. A wise man once told me that discretion is the greater part of valor, so I won't go into any intimate details, but we hit it off great! We really did like each other, despite the forces of resistance (our exes and their families) arrayed against us.

We quickly realized that we were being brought together under one of the most intense astrological alignments of the century to perform a great work, and share an interesting, fascinating life. We not only liked each other, we loved each other! We had already developed a deep bond long before we had met in person. Meeting in person just sparked the relationship into a full blown blazing fire of creative communion. I could not stay at her current house due to the landlord situation and her roommate being weird about it, but she was moving out in a week anyway up to some beach house near Balfour, the way had just come on my bike from the ferry. I was content staying at the campground anyway, just biding my time and exploring Nelson on my bike.

I had a good week of exploration, with an eye to spending some time in Canada working on creative projects like the next astrology film and my next book on astrology. I had all my research with me. I just needed to log some intense coffee shop time. I hoped Alisha needed the same. She had a busy chaotic week ahead so I saw her when I could and we quickly ascended into love. I knew my son Arian would absolutely love her. Her daughter acted very shy to meet me, but I taught her how to spin the Fun Stix (Devil Sticks) and juggle them around at the park where Alisha practiced dancing for her upcoming performance.

I explored various coffee shops starting with one called Grounded, just to get grounded. I had to go to the Bank of Montreal to withdraw money from the ATM so I could pay my $108 for six nights at the campground. Looks like the earth and I were going to have a nice bonding experience. I kept meeting unique people, mainly Canadian tourists, back at the campground. They were all amazed that I had ridden my bike from Boulder to check on a girl. They kept asking me how it was going every time I came "home". The lady who ran the campground was named Bonnie (same as my now deceased astrology teacher) and by the end of the week she was very familiar with my coming and going and even asked me to help her install a shelf in the commons area of the campground where people bring their computers at night to plug in and surf the web. Some campers were glued to their tech while others left everything like that at home just to really experience the natural vibe on their journeys.

I would start my day with a fresh shower and a hot cup of chai, talking to the friendly campers. Then I would get on my bike and explore the town until Alisha was available. Then we would hang out talking and mingling until the deep hours of the night, when I would return to my tent. At first I kind of felt isolated, like she was not really into it, but it was because she had a lot of guards up as she had recently experienced so much suffering through the experience of the end of her relationship. I had experienced the same so I could relate. We joked around that maybe we should introduce our exes because they were both born in 1980 and would be the same age with the same interior maturation levels.

I found a great health food store downtown as well as the best coffee shop in town called Oso Negro, which had vega delights to go with your chai like cookies, muffins, and other treats. Alisha said that all the locals favored Oso Negro as well and I met a lot of amazing people there like this runner who runs up three mountains a week. He was into extreme training and his name was Mike. He had a pair of Nike Airs on and proceeded to tell me about all his cycling and running adventures. He told me that they had an outdoor weight training area down by the beach, so I went down their the next day and had a pretty complete workout using a series of about 20 bizarre machines designed to use your own body weight as resistance. It was cool! My muscles were burning and I felt great to have an upper body workout to go with my rock solid overworked legs! Then this tan young woman came running down the trail and stopped by the lake and began stripping down to a swimsuit. Next thing you know, she dives into the Kootenay Lake and swims down the shore. I was amazed. It turns out that many of the locals take lunch break swims all the time. They say you can even drink the water!

So after a full week in Nelson and lots of interacting with Alisha, she ended up moving out of her place and into a little beach cabina up the coast near Balfour. I missed seeing her on the way out of town by about ten minutes. It seemed like our timing was always off in terms of getting together. But once we got together it was pure magic. It was amazing to share romance with a beautiful fellow astrologer, making dinners and enjoying each others company. We spoke the same cosmic language and had great fun communicating in it. We both felt like we were 14 all over again!

I decided toi ride my bike up to the new beach house 12 miles or so instead of waiting for her to come pick me up with the moving truck. I had just ridden my bike 1435 miles and I felt weird about sitting there at a coffee shop waiting for a moving truck to come take me 12 miles! So I jumped on my bike and trusted that intuition and our amazing connection would guide me home to her. The Sun eventually set and I found myself knocking on random people's doors asking if I could use their phone or internet to try and find her. I didn't know if she had gone back to Nelson to get me or whether she had stayed out there at the new place. I knew I could find her if I had faith, but she was not answering her phone and sent no emails.

So there I was, sitting on a picnic table at a closed bakery in the twilight wondering if she wanted me to find her. Our connection was so miraculous that I knew I would find her. I thought about my Traveling Magi mission and wondered if I should even be trying to pursue a relationship with someone who was obviously still struggling with her ex. They had not had a peaceful split like Christina and I. Maybe I should just collect my things and head over to Vancouver to begin my trek south down the 101? My heart was torn inside because I know we both felt magic when we were together. So I approached another house to ask if they knew Alisha, and this wealthy family invited me in for dinner. I used their phone and finally got through to her. The place was farther than she had thought. She had told me to go 16 KM (about ten miles) when it was actually about 18.5 KM! I knew something felt off. So I jumped on my bike with just a tiny glow of light still out and rode like a madman up the road to beat the traffic. Someone stole my backlight while my bike was parked outside in Nelson. I guess they needed it more than I did. Luckily not too many cars were heading east on Valhalla road, and I passed several telephone pole where Alisha had hung up signs with my name written in large letters with instructions. I kept going and found her standing on the roadside waiting for me. It felt good to arrive, and have somewhere safe to stay, as I had given up my campsite to some tourists who needed it. The whole town was buzzing full with tourists for three separate events, so I was lucky to even get a campsite I found out later.

Alisha had a wonderful Thai meal ready to go when I arrived and I ate it slowly and let the spicy tastes soothe my soul. It was good to be with her, and the lady that rented her the upstairs apartment was kind and had a daughter of her own for Ammalia to play with. So here I was about to spend a month of my life with an amazing beautiful fellow celestial characterologist in a little apartment overlooking the beach, surrounded by mystical towering peaks. When I set out on this quest I said I would do my best to resist the allure of her amazement, but I wasn't doing very well. Her mind was stimulating and our connection was out of this world. We didn't know what would happen or how our lives would change if we joined forces, but we both knew it would be a magical journey.

Meanwhile, the next morning I got on Magellan and rode five miles up the road back to the ferry and found an Old World Bakery and an Internet Cafe/Tavern overlooking the ferry dock and surrounded by picturesque views of the Canadian Rockies. I sat down to work on astrology charts for clients and opened my heart and soul to the poetic rhythms of the cosmic muse, thinking of sharing my life with Alisha. Kelly and Alisha. It sounded good. My first love's name started with "A", Andrea, and I had not met anyone else with an "A" name. "K" and "A" spelled KA, which was the Egyptian word for spirit! Hopefully we would make a great spiritual companionship of it!

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